Mugen vs. Strider W.I.P

Any comments and suggestions?

Badass! Whos Mugen?

Hey nova this is by far your mosr impressive pic so far. I like the angle and I think you captured the characters. Can’t wait to see ths done. Mugen is from Samurai Champloo btw.

I whack-off to that show every night and all over my DVDs daily.

Cool pic.

I don’t know the slightest bit abt Samurai Champuru, so pls pardon any ignorance in my post.

there’s something abt the extreme perspective of Mugen’s sandal that doesn’t suit well with me. It sticks out so much that it’s distracting… not saying you can’t make it work, just saying that it doesn’t work for me in its current configuration.

my thought process:

  • If Mugen’s sandal is gonna be huge in the foreground, then his lower leg should also have the necessary foreshortening and gradual enlargement as it approaches the foreground.

  • similarly, since Mugen’s leg is huge int he foreground, shouldn’t his receding leg also be significantly smaller in the background?

  • It might need more than Strider’s scarf in the top-right corner to balance out Mugen’s foot. I see you were going for the diagonal balance thing, but I think the closest things to the foreground would be his scarf, his feet, and Cypher (his blade). There needs to be some foreshortening to convey the sense that Strider’s jumping into the middle ground of the pic.

  • Took me a while to realise that the lines in the top-right corner was Strider’s scarf… it’s cut off by the top of the page. I guess colour would rectify this though.

Finish this, Color this, It looks freaking amazing!

oh this got more input ok. Yeah this was sittin’ to the side so I guess I’ll go ahead and fix this up Thx ya’ll.

Rook 'preciate the in-depth suggestions. The thing with mugens leg in the foreground is he is mad skinny so I drew it out according to his size or whatever.

Reducing size on the back leg may add some more depth so i’ll try that.

I enjoy this. Very good work. Rep for you.