I am intrested in experimenting with mugen but I cannot find the file to download anywhere can anyone help me to locate it so that I can get started ?:evil:



Well, your in Luck! I’m a mugen expert so here are a few links:


Link 1
Link 2


Link 1
Link 2

Current Amazing Projects:

DC vs Marvel M.U.G.E.N. Edition
Project X
Webhead Project
Fantastic 4

Mugen Engine:

–>All Versions are located Here!<–




BTW, if you need help installing stages, ask me.


Evil-Ken, you say you’re an expers, well i was wondering if you could help me out. Im runing the last ver of mugen DOS on win xp, i can get the game to load with characters but there is no sound. was wondering if you could give me a direction of towards finding a resolution…

o yeah and im looking for dark chunli’s move list if anyone knows where i cand find that too i’d appreciate it



thanks guys for the info i appreciate it also im having trouble using my gamepad with mugen i have windows xp and im using a interact propad 6 help is greatly appreciated. ps why is it that when i load music on a stage its plays in slow motion.


My cousin has the same problem with XP. I really don’t think you can run it with sound.

Did you try the CMD file?