Multi-assist calling

i know that you can only call one per combo, but somebody had told me that if i can manage to call an assist, and dhc to that same character before the assist hits (like with bison’s orb), i can call another assist. is that true?

yeah you can call out more than one assist per combo, but the first assist cant hit the person until after the second one has been called out. For instance, you can call out storm projectile as many times as you want during the iron man infinate to gain more special, because the storm projectile doesnt hit

no, i don’t mean that

what i’m talking about, is actually making both hit in one combo… for example…

i haven’t figured out a way to combo after this, but the supposed combo is…

ironman / bison variety / thanos capture…

corner: + call bison, c.lp xx proton DHC before the ball hits into psycho crusher, call thanos make the bubble hit, then continue, or you can DHC before the bubble hits, and make thanos call an assist as well

i got as far as making thanos’ bubble come out, but i don’t know if the combo meter stopped at that point already. i can’t combo into it.

it’s not the simple stuff, like calling gief air throw to hold your enemy closer to you for more hits, or call sonson projectile, wave dash, and call it again, so you can have two sets of monkeys on screen. it’s actually using the DHC to cancel the assist call out.

i’ve seen it in videos, but i wasn’t sure if there was a glitch in them… now it kinda makes sense…

any time you have an assist attack on the screen and you DHC into that character, as long as that assist has not made contact with your opponent it no longer becomes an assist and is now part of that on point characters regular [special] attacks.

example: venom/roll [expansion]/thanos [capture] in corner.

Call in roll (flower bomb assist), venom web. DHC into rush drill, flower bomb hits [no longer an assist], (otg), + thanos, sj.lp, fp into assist.

I’ll try and work on that IM, bison, thanos combo for you.

thanks man :slight_smile:


OMGosh! Its vidness!

I remember your videos…


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'sides…i suck marvel…and every other game I play.

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from the vid videness just posted im guessing what happened was, psy called thanos assist and then dhced into thanos and thanos proceeded to combo and his assist still hit and he dhced back into psylock who could stll call another assist?

so is it possible for me to have sent/storm. call storm assist and then do HSF XX Hailstorm before storms assist hits and then storm will do hailstorm and her typhoon will also hit but then i can still call another assist? Thats fuckin discusting

No, it wont work in they way you describe because you cant dhc into a character when they’re on the screen as an assist. Another reason is because storms assist travels to fast and the HSF does not cause a screen shift, so the typhoon has no where to go. Also, the unlike the bubble the typhoon will eventually disapear.

that is what i was thinking this whole time but then ppl are posting combo transcripts of dhcing into thanos while they just called his assist and i was wondering how they dhc into thanos while his bubble is still on the screen.

It doesn’t matter what the projectile is doing, the assist just does his/her motion & then gets out.

That vid was a fun one, I wanted to get three chars on who I can use all of their assists (and have them connect) in one vid. Strider & Mags were alternates, but in the end, I had to use Psylocke as the glue. I love the fact that in that combo, it’s both legal and continues the unrollable theme :wgrin:

Mike Z has one of where he has a combo with 2 assists and both connect AS ASSISTS. I thought that was pretty neat.

i use flying screen combos to setup a double assist call to setup extra lockdown and time to land a hit.

for example storm/sent - w/e to launch, call assist, jump lk fp, if you did it right drones do not combo and are still coming and going to put opp in blockstun off wakeup. while drones are coming/opp is blocking, you can, to setup more guardstun and you will visably see two diff sets of drones on the screen at one time. friend of mine uses this with cable in goof off moments x_X

DAMN!!! now thats what you call some really creative and innovative stuff! I like the anarkaris/dhalsim one. That omegared/jugg one was sick too. and that triple assist combo was hella flashy. Wow… I see your a fan of training mode. same here. I have a few creative/really flashy stuff up my sleeves too but I don’t have anything to record and make a video :sad: Maybe in a month or so. You got any plans for new vids?

Back on topic. I’ve seen a video somewhere, can’t remember where but wolverine was on point and he had Ryu-Proj. I think it was in training mode. the combo started on the far left of the screen.

Wolverine waved dash like crazy moving the opponent slowly to the right and he moved so fast, he could send ryu over and over again. In the end (when both ppl hit the right wall), 2-3 hadoken hits and wolverine does a combo. I think wolverine mightve been in speed-up-mode, not sure. In a match, this may sound impratical but it’s very well possible but extremely hard to pull off. Anybody remember this? I’ve seen pretty much all the combo/char tutorial vids out there… theres just too many to recall

Also theres another one with 2-3 sonic booms I think involving charlie/guilie and FSD. I’ll try searching for them and let you guys know if I find anything

Keep this interesting topic going people! :smokin:

Thanks for the kind words! Always nice to here feedback. I have a few things left up my sleeve, I suppose. I may still have one in me yet. Do a search on vidness on Preppy’s site and check out the megaman fun :slight_smile: