Multi Console HSS-0130


Wanted to begin working on my

Sega Saturn Virtua Stick Pro HSS 0130

I wanted to use all of these:

Neo Geo AES

I know the cthulhu will work on all of those but the Neo Geo I didn’t see any support for. Anyone know if you can get those to work?

Also, I have seen arcade sticks with a special port on the back that you can plug any universal cable into for all your consoles, leaving it wireless. Obviously don’t want 4 consoles worth of cables hanging out.

Who sells these special cables and do they work stock with the multi console cthulhu board?

Thanks a bunch.


rj45 mod ???


Since the Neo Geo controller is common ground anyway I think you can dual-mod it alongside the Cthulhu just fine, though if Toodles sees this he might have something to say on the subject.

Basically, wire it up with a Cthulhu with an RJ-45 mod for the “main” consoles then add a separate Neo Geo pinout (DA-15, I think) for the Neo Geo, connecting either to where the buttons connect to the Cthulhu or straight off the switches/joystick. You would run the risk of connecting two consoles at once, so you would have to be careful about that – follow the dual-mod rules, basically.


At this time my HSS-0130 mod still in progress.
I changed buttons to all seimitsu, now I’m going to solder two DB-15 outputs and use them with project box


you should Project Box it! i did that for my HSS-0130 and it works awesome! you might even be able to get some of the pcbs ya need cheap. there is a pinout schematic for the Neo Geo here. i used a couple of DB-15 cables for mine. i did not modify my case at all =) only thing is with pcbs that have Select & Guide/Home, i put those buttons on the Project Boxes themselves. works great!

lol, pressed submit a minute too late. it’s all good though, great minds think alike :wink:


You got a ton of options:

  1. Leave everything pristine with the existing Saturn boards in the stick. Upside is that the HSS-0130 remains exactly stock, downside is that it require a hair more money and a small chain of cords/boxes depending on the system you want to play. Parts to use: 2x FGW Converters to convert the Saturn cords to common ground/NeoGeo, 2x MC Cthulhu’s in project boxes with a DB-15 on one side and an RJ-45 on the other side, 2x Saturn extension cords to scavenge the female end from for the converters.
  2. Yank out the innards, and wire to either a DB-15 or DB-25 port. Make 2x MC Cthulhu project boxes to connect to it with RJ-45 on the other end, and wire up Neo Geo cords separately.
  3. Yank out innards, install 2x MC Cthulhu’s inside with RJ-45 jacks installed on the back with Neutrik adapters and also DB-15 ports or Neo cables on the back as well, effectively dual modding Neo and MC Cthulhu.
  4. Yank out innards, install 2x MC Cthulhu’s insde with RJ-45 neutrik jacks. Use 2x FGW Converters to make PSX-> NeoGeo converters for when you want to play on Neo.

If you’re going to do one of these, then I seriously think rtdzign’s thread on making RJ-45 cables would have everything you’d need to make your own RJ-45 cables. If not, people will happily make them for you for a price; I know NiteWalker has a popular thread in Trading Outlet for this very thing.


Awesome guide! Thanks!
Where i get get info on FGW Converters? Where to buy them?


They’re listed at the bottom of the first post of the Cthulhu thread, along with a link to the welcome document for them. They’re another board I make, but since it’s pretty niche and hardcore compared to other easier to use boards I make, LizardLick doesn’t carry them.


Thanks for all the responses!

So let me get this straight:

I need 2 of everything because I need 2 project boxes, 1 for each plug on the stick?

I will be installing the FGW converters and the Cthulhu’s in the project box, and the reason I need the FGW converters is for neo geo only?

Why can’t I put saturn female plugs on the project boxes and then on the other end with the RJ-45 plugs I can just use the respective cable for whichever system I’ll be using (TurboDuo, Neo Geo AES, Dreamcast) Can you not make RJ-45 cables for the neogeo?


I took the stock Panel and PCB’s out, replaced with a different panel and parts (Buttons, Sticks). Wired everything to 2 DB 25 Boards, then run the 2 db 25 cables to various Project Boxes.

IMO the best / Easiest way to go is MC Cthulu with Rj-45, it’s unbelievably good and easy for Multi Console Use. For 360 and such, you’ll have to hack some pads.

  1. Yup.
  2. That’s one way, yes, but you’d have to have a DB-15 or Neo cord hanging out of the project box along with the RJ-45 jack if you had to have Neogeo support as well.
  3. Not in the way I’m describing in that first option. You need them to convert the Saturn signal cord to something the MC Cthulhu (and NeoGeo) can understand.
  4. Sure, that’s one way to do it. Picture a project box with a short female end of a Saturn extension cord hanging out one side, and an RJ-45 jack AND a DB-15 or NeoGeo cord on the other side. When you want to play on any of the MC systems, you plug your stick into the box, and the RJ-45 cable into the box. When you want to play on Neo, you plug your stick into the box, and the Neo cord into the DB-15. That’s easy enough to do.
  5. No, the MC Cthulhu cannot do Neo through the RJ-45 jack. You can however effectively dual mod a Neo cord with an MC Cthulhu, or you can make your own PSX->Neo (or Saturn->Neo, or SNES->Neo, or NES->Neo) adapters using addition FGW Converters and plug the MC Cthulhu into that adapter, but that would mean a total of 4 FGW converters, which seems a bit excessive.


Sounds great, thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions toodles, I appreciate it. I’ll be ordering that stuff early next week :slight_smile:

EVAWINGZERO - where did you get the new panel artwork for the 6 buttons? I know you can buy the metal panel itself from lizard lick, but where do you get the art?


I’m almost positive he bought the panel complete like that. You would probably spend more getting the bare panel and populating it.


you can get the Astro City 2player 6button panel from Akihabara shop. i would like one of those too but for now i just settled on using button plugs on my last to right buttons on each side…i don’t do 8 buttons :stuck_out_tongue:


That was my dilemma. If I came across one on the cheap I might snatch it up. Otherwise it’s hard to justify when you’re already $300 in. :lol:


Thats exactly what I’m saying haha


I snagged the panel off of the Trading outlet here for 60$. Deals do come up. This panel was off of an actual Astro Cab, So I did have to Dremel a bit to make it fit properly. After that, I just bought parts (My Panel is Seimitsu Sticks, Sanwa Buttons) and populated it myself.

You could buy a Repro Panel from lizard lick and get an overlay from Mame Marquees or whatever they are called now. The L panels are about 50$ and I think the Stickers are 25$ or so. I’m not 100% sure, but I THINK they will fit on the HSS with no issues.

I know a user on here by the Name of Meus has had a couple HSS’s that he’s worked on / Modded. He might be able to verify…

If you aren’t great at Soldering (Like Me) I used DB25 Breakout Boards. No soldering, each port on the board has a screw Terminal making project Boxes a Breeze. The only issue is they cost about 8$ a piece versus a 1$ DB25 Connector… If you need / Want more pictures of My setup let me know what you want to see exactly.

@Kyle, I didn’t forget about you asking for some pictures either, I’ve just been super busy lately…


I made some schematics please let me know if something wrong with it:

Also i have few questions about FGW Converter:

  1. Does it affect lag?
  2. Can i connect both PSX & Saturn female connectors to 1 FGW Converter? (of course i will use only one type of input at once)
  3. Can i connect DB15 output + MC CThulhu at once to the FGW Converter?
    Thanks a lot!


Nice schematics, thats exactly what I thought. Also was curious as to if anyone had a good recommendation on a project box for this? Thanks guys.


depending on how neat and organized you can be, everything might be able to fit in a Radio Shack 8x6x3"Project Box Enclosure. i’ve used the 6x4x2 for my biggest pcb (Madcatz Retro) and it fit the pcb and i was able to put a couple of Happ buttons on the outside so they are pretty spacious.