Multi console PCBs: is USB 2.0 enough? and Xbox Prime

I assume USB 2.0 is enough for the Cthulhu, PS360+, and Brook Retro for PS3. Would I need a USB B large male to USB A M in 3.0 to work with the Universal USB board. Because for some things, Xbox One requires 3.0. I need to know: Is the Brook Universal USB fight PCB one of them? ( If it depends on system, which ones need 3.0?).

On the subject of USB, would the Xbox Prime work with a USB Female A to Xbox Male adapter? If so, do the buttons map like a logical Duke fighting arrangement? Or is it a bloody nightmare S controller arrangement? How exactly DOES that arrangement go. (I understand I must make an adapter for it while in “one wire equals one signal” mode, before the fight board encodes the input for system)

Answering my own question:

I got a response from Brookaccessory.Com. They said usb 2.0 should be fine for Universal USB fight board for cables that go from the USB female B Full port to USB male A.

Of all the systems that are playable online with this device the only one I don’t have is a PS4. So if they were answering it in just my case don’t complain about it not working for PS4 unless you got a USB 3.0.

other half of a question about the Xbox Prime should come in a half hour to an hour.

Well you won’t know this until you try it but a USB 3.0 male I have which is about the size of a standard B Male connector, has a different shape than a USB 2.0 B connector. Since this shape is new for USB 3.0, I’ll assume that you get no extra benefits and what actually cost your money to make it work with a USB 3.0 connector.

USB 2.0 B full size male connector it is.

You do not need a USB 3.0 cable, it isn’t used for anything and the 3.0 B conenctor will not fit 2.0 B ends.

I was discussing by discovery of finding out that a USB 3.0 B end is different than a USB 2.0 B end. I’m just telling everyone that usb3 is overkill and probably more inconvenient than USB 2.

The only reason I thought it might have been USB 3 was because updating the Xbox One controllers require USB 3 and are unable to be updated on USB 2.

Yeah because there two extra twisted pairs for High Speed Data.

No consoles use USB 3.0 at the moment. Even the Switch does not take full advantage of it’s 3.0 port as it’s wired as a USB 2.0

No they don’t. They use USB Micro connectors which is USB 2.0.

I don’t even know where you getting your info from but it’s all wrong.