Multi-Cthulhu and the Wii

I am looking to build my first arcade stick and have recently found the Multi-Cthulhu board. I was planning to go with the regular board, but saw this one also handles GC. Now, my question is could I use this board (with the proper wire adapter) on the Wii through its GC ports?

I plan to get most of my fighters on my PS3, but Tatsunoko (sp?) vs Capcom I obviously don’t have much of a choice with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

you should probably check (and ask) in the official Cthulhu board thread… but i think all you need to do is get a GC extension cable and soldier it to the right points on the board.


Sorry this is the wrong thread. New to forums and didn’t know that board had its own section.

Happy to hear this will work though! :smiley:

you should also look up in the stickied thread about th rj-45 mod.