Multi-Cthulhu help/ request

I am thinking of buying that pcb but i have some questions/request.

Can some one post a diagram on how they wired their setup using this pcb?

I noticed that when they listed the systems like “ps2 ps3 pc” and all that but it didn’t say 360 but it said xbox, idk if it would be compatible with 360 (sorry for my noobiness ill lose that after my first custom stick is done). Im ordering stuff from like 3 different sites all with the same shipping time (about). I found a nice case for my stick case i know the colors imma use. I know what buttons sticks and gates imma use. i just have no idea how to put it all together. So I ask agn pllz some one tell me how they wired their babies. I plan to make a collection of custom sticks so one little advice would help me greatly.

one last thing Should i buy connectors from a site or from lows. i have no wires for modding sticks (telephone wire k?)



Cthulhu and Multi-Console Cthulhu does not do Xbox 360.
It says so in the Thread.

Microsoft has security.

And the Cthulhu PCB is labeled.
Just put in wires to marked part?

lowe’s will not have the size of disconnects you are looking for if you’re using sanwa or seimitsu parts, and if i recall correctly they might not even have disconnects at all. just get them online or solder directly to the buttons. if you know of a hobby shop nearby, you might find ones that will fit HAPP buttons.

for xbox 360, you will have to do a padhack, check out the padhacking thread for a lot more info. there are also diagrams and a ton of general info towards building sticks here. you will probably have to look up the joystick you’re using to see which switch (or wire if it has a harness) correlates to what direction or ground.

im actually going with a preewired pad hacked pcb im ordering off of modchipman

alright, well that makes it very simple. there will be two terminals with slots that are labeled, a key is on the website (will probably come on a printed sheet too), just connect a wire from each button to their correlating slot on the terminals. same goes for the stick, many of the japanese ones will have a wiring harness that will have the four directions designated to a single wire and a ground.

for the ground slot, either make a chain or use a terminal strip (details on slagcoin link, scroll down) consisting of wires across all of the buttons and the ground from your stick. each button has two switches for attachment, one action and one ground, does not matter which one you use for which function.

simple. if you are ordering quick disconnects make sure you have two for each button, that will be enough for your ground chain and your action slots.