Multi-Jamma selector


Their is a 6-in-1 multi-jamma selector. First off, has anybody actually used this item? Does it work? Is it worth it? Do I have anyother options for something like this?

FYI, I am putting together an Ultimate MK2 cabinet for tournament play. I want 4 different versions of MK2 into 1 cab (Rv3.1, 4.2, 9.0 & The Immortal Challenger hack).

Any helpful tips or advice?

Thanks! :woot:



I just got it myself. Just back sure that the lines are getting enough voltage and you’ll have no problems.

also this doesn’t support a jamma + harness, so you’ll still have to wire up something for that harness for the extra buttons that MK uses.

Otherwise you’ll have to go into the cab and move that harness around every time you decide to change a game.

Also note the space between each connector. I’m not sure how thick those MK boards are but you may also need to get the jamma harness extender that they sell on that site as well.

If I could find some way to get enough power to it I wonder if I could put multi-slot MVS systems in there. Try and get 36 carts running all in one big ass cabinet that’ll be hotter than hell but include every game I own.

well I guess it depends on how sensitive your boards are.

CPS2 boards are sadly very sensitive. I had it initally set up
supergun->jamma extender->switcher->jamma extender->CPS2 mobo.

the 5V line went from 4.9 at the supergun to 4.3 by the time it got to the board and it wasn’t enough.

I took out the jamma extender between the supergun and the switcher and it started working.

meanwhile my ZN1 and ZN2 boards worked perfectly with the setup before. As did my brothers CPS1 board.

I was contemplating daisy chaining 2 of these together. But I don’t have a need for it really. Though if you have 36 board that need to be powered then I guess you’d need to get 7 of them.

Also the jammaboard website sells them for about 100 a piece, but a few days after I bought mine I checked ebay and found one on sale for 11 dollars. Though the auction wasn’t over, that might be a way to save some money on these boards.

Well I am thinking about hooking this thing up to some Neo-Geo 6 slot motherboards. They hook up via Jamma and each of them holds six MVS cartridges so it could be a crazy setup with one of those. Never have to change out those big ass MVS games again.

yeah, sounds good, though also sounds like you’ll need 6 of the jamma extender.

First off, thanks to everyone who posted and helped me out. Much love:lovin:

So, first, your saying all 6 (or 4 in my case) will be running at the same time?

And be more specific about the harness. Sorry, I am new at this stuff. I didnt understand. (:blush: )

Sazae, a six slotter uses up a lot of power, like hundreds of watts, multiply that by six and add the current used up by the switcher and youve got a blown outlet whereever you plug that beast in.

no the switcher only powers on 1 at a time. Which you control via remote control that they supply you.

and which part of the harness do you have questions about? the jamma extender? or whichever harness you have for the additional buttons in MK?

Yes, about that one…


sigh. Jamma extender

this would be used if the boards are too large or you fear that they may be too heavy to fit in the switcher without something being damaged.

but since its just jamma, is jamma standard only. So that only includes the 3 action buttons for pl1 and pl2, which means that for MK you need another harness for the other two buttons.

so your gonna need this

for the extra buttons that jamma doesn’t cover. However the swither doesn’t switch those extra button harnesses. so you’re going to have to go into the cab each time and switch it yourself unless you can create another solution.

The only thing that I have come up with is to get a simple power rail PCB. and solder in each like wire to one rail and then at the end have 1 lead that goes to the actual button. The only problem then is the messy soldering lol

I ran into another problem though I didn’t verify it though my brother did. It seems as though some of the PL2 keys don’t work.

I guess it has something to do with the grounds. At least according to the help desk. But I’ve got it to work… except on CPS2 boards lol.

the set up
supergun, harness extender, switcher, (harness extender optional then ) board works with P2

supergun, switcher, (harness extender optional then) board doesn’t work with P2…

it probably has something to do with how mas wires their superguns.

I really want one of these, but only if I’m sure it will work on CPS-2…keep trying and then tell me your solution! :slight_smile:

ok here goes.

this device assumes that it is in can actual arcade cab, and that you’re using the same ground for both players.

this however is not how most superguns are wired up, since they use contoller ports, it’s a tad bit difficult to wire both controller ports to the same ground. especially if they’re pre-made like supernovas are.

so what we did was open up the supergun and solder away just a little bit of the plastic covering on both ground wires and then took another wire and soldered them together.

after the fact though I thought that it might have worked instead if he just soldered wires on the jamma switcher together instead. but its too late and it works… for abit. now I think we have a short and nothing is working with the controllers. but we did get in 15 or so matches on ST before that problem came up. but we’ll fix that tomorrow.

but for the player 2 problem, you just need to share the grounds. either by a jamma fingerboard. or by rewiring the supergun slightly, or rewiring the jamma switcher slightly.