(Multifunction Ultimate Killer machine) My New Mini-Arcade Cabinet Design


Thank you guys for watching my lastest ultra mini-arcade cabinet designing. My very first post ever in SRK.
I am a PHD student in CU Boulder From China, a newbie in here but an old fighter, of course a miniac of Arcade Games since Street Fighter CE.
I start this plan in last December, and it was expected to be finished in about one month, but you know, Chinese New Year & all kinds of paper deadline just killed me, I just can post this until now.

Long story short, I just can not endure the all the other arcade cabinets with limited functionality and head-scratching installation any more, I bought one, but it’s definitely not good, just several piece of wood and so many screw work, and most importantly, the appearance is not cool at all, so I need a real arcade cabinet which can satify all I need for the arcade games, that’s why I planned this project. All the designing and building works of this arcade were done by me and my friend in China. The model and scale ratio refer to the Vewlix (Presented by Taito back in 2007, my favorite arcade cabinet model, and I love Sega’s models such as G1 Astricity, G2 Blastcity and G3 Netcity etc. Street Fighter III The 3rd Strike used G2 model, classic game). I used the official size and did the math to calculate the ratio to scale down to a 14 inches monitor Compatible size. The fighting stick section is where to put into the computer mainboard so that it could become a real computer. Micro-ATX size 9.6’x9.6’. The screen board could be rotatable (adapt the STG games).

At the beginning I called it “Elephant”, and combined the name “Velixphant”, sounds not that cool, then I changed it into “Maus”, like “Mouse”. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter
LCD Screen: 14 inches, resolution 1366x768, LG/Samsung, performaces are close for different brands, can play new PC games, i.e. KOF13, USF4 etc.
Could be customizable, but the higher resolution would increase computer processing burden, which could be less cost-effective.
Stick & Buttons: Original SANWA (Best Peripheral manufacturers), PS2/3/4 & XB One USB Port, Native Support PC, XBO, PS1/2/3/4, and can be compatible with almost all the consoles through other converters/adapters.

Appearance & Size: 380cm x 350cm x 460cm (11.4’x 10.5’x 13.8’)
Weight: About 25 kg, 55 lbs.
Interior: Can install Build-in HTPC OR connect to external PC & Consoles, TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE.
Build-in PC: Can build in computer inside it. AMD A3-7400 APU, matx FM2+ Mother Board (No WIFI, can use external USB WLAN Card), matx Power (250W), Memory slot x2, Hard Drive slots x2 (Would not recommend it because of the cramped space).
Other: 12 inches FANs x 2, LED Light x 1。


We minimize the number of screws for the installation and mainly use bayonet structure, so the appearance is concise, and of course the installation process would no longer be the pain in the ass…

External View
Stylish Features: VX-Imitation edge modelling, mild and gentle coating appearance feels like the young girls’ hips, Carriage Bolts and Non-slip Nuts completely follow Real Arcade Pro Standard, Buckle Structure makes Installation and Screen Rotation work SO EASY just like walking in the park…
Comparision between Real Machine photos and design drawing, we add a XB home button on the upper left corner.




Back IO Ports Close-up, including HDMI, VGA, 3.5 ,vga,3.5mm Audio, RGB, Power Jack and Switch, Start Button, and USB x2


Some PC Game Pictures
I imitate the VX, so it must be provided with the symbolic screen rotation feature…


MAME Gaming
How can we ignore the sense of Arcade presence of MAME? At present we run it in Windows, will consider to put in a front-end software which can be directly manipulated by fighting stick. But Windows is good enough though, if the performace is enough for all the simulators. I prefer FTG, ACT and STG, don’t have time to test all the games.



Slave Mode
That’s totally fine if we get rid of all the computer components in it, then it can be used under Slave mode, everything will be almost the same. Just a little change-over work, i.e. HDMI, VGA, USB etc. are simple to understand, for atx power we need to jump two specific pins, then we can start it. Just remember first turn on the red power switch.


We can treat Master Mode as a HTPC with a great Fighting Stick on it, and the Slave Mode could be considered as a Screen-Stick-Integrated universal Solution for Family Consoles.
I managed to work out all the video, audio and stick ports, so it can be connected to any consoles we can find in Market. But you know, the LCD Screens have their common problem when display the RGB signal (For the old consoles), but we can not ask for more, don’t we? Here are some pictures of screen from xbox, 360, xbone, ps2/3/4, you name it.
There would not be any problems if you wanna play the newest STREET FIGHTER V if you connect it to a Powerful PC or PS4, online battle performs great with no doubt on this machine.




PVP Mode
If you are smart enough, you would think that the other PCs could be considered as external host, then this Mini-arcade could be used in PVP mode with them with no doubt, right?
Fortunatly I made two mini arcade, then we can experience this Master-Slave sh*t


We can try any position for our own Bad tastes, that’s awesome.

Some playing video, can just use one hand.

All right that’s long enough, will update anytime it should, thanks for watching and enjoy!


Nice work, very cool.




Thanks dude, yeah it’s awesome, I am thinking about improving the space of build-in computer but that would affect the size and heat dissipation.
Or anybody can suggest me some micro-arc motherboards which have good performance.


Yea, I love this game and lots of STG, and my machine’s rotatable design is perfect for this kind.


I see whatyou did there. But on topic, AWESOME and beautiful build.


Thanks dude for your supporting, that’s encouraging, welcome any question from all of you


Will update new photos with more details by using SLRs


Great! Pictures of the inside wiring and suff would be apreciated!

BTW did you said that you hooked to the consoles using RGB cables? I see a PS2 in there right?


I will take the photos of space inside to explain, the normal LCD driver boards don’t have RGB on it, so what I did was using a YpbPr-HDMI OR YpbPr-VGA converter on it, there are VGA, RCA and HDMI, and two USBs.


Those converters dont add any input lag?


No, how could there be input lag for video converters? Even the worst converts would only cause video distortion, not lag. The LCD driver board uses mstv59 chips, there is absolutely no problem for the display task.
If you are talking about controller converters, based on my years of fighting games playing experience, I can not feel any, if there was any, it was Negligible.
you know what, next time i will record some better playing video to let you have a closer look at it, 1080p 60fps video recording would be enough, i think


Awesome to read that there is no lag. Yes I meant the video coverter. As it name implies, he DOES a conversion process from digital to analog or vice versa so thats why I asked.

Again thanks for your answers!


No problem dude, thanks for your interests, feel free to ask any question if you have some later


Looks amazing, bro. Great work.


Thanks dude for your comment


Really Excellent build. The fact that you can play ala Versus City mode is a huge bonus.


this would be great for those of us who want head-to-head cabs but don’t have the money or space for them. these are really awesome.


Definitely man, this is why we did such a design cause we are players, we know what we really want to make good cheer, and the normal size head-head cabs are too big to put into my own house.


Yea dude thank you for your comment, actually we plan the head-to-head (PVP) mode from the very beginning
Cause we can not find any similar designs in anywhere else, and this is what a real fighter want.