Multiple buttons on one Button?


Is it illegal to map more than one button to a single button? I know a lot of people have L + M + H on a single button… but what about other things? Is it fair game to map whatever you want to your buttons?


Yeah dude it is illegal. Serious Jail time. That is why they say don’t drop the soap in Marvel.


I mean, illegal as far as tournament/competition level


Haven’t heard of any tournament that has banned these yet.


Sorry, just fucking with ya. Joke Joke Joke. No they are fine for tournaments, for the most part. Some random local tournament might have weird rules about that, but never heard of it for the big ones. A lot of pad players use it and some arcade stick users use the two buttons on the end for that stuff.


lol, I know rtdzign, I’m well versed on the ways of the Internet


one button dash


You can map whatever you like, short of using turbos. Plenty of people map multiple inputs to one button, otherwise pad players would be having a HELL of a time trying to input PPP or KKK.

But even though it’s legal at tournaments, it’s debatable whether or not it’s fair. Personally, I think there should only be a set function for each button with absolutely no macros, ala arcade style, but obviously this would be unfair to guys who use pads or those hit box things.


word, thanks guys… i can see it as cheesy :stuck_out_tongue:


How is it not fair?
You’re able to do the same exact thing. Am I missing something?


Macros are mainly for pad players so we don’t sue these companies for giving us carpal tunnel when trying to press buttons that are not very convenient to get to. Is it fair? yeah just like spamming hadokens. Learn to deal


I miss arcade cabinets… >____>


I take a pretty conservative view, but in my idealized world, everyone would be using standard arcade parts, no macros, no multiple buttons with same functions. There’s a certain skill involved with pressing multiple button combinations,and that shouldn’t be macro’d for the sake of convenience. Of course this doesn’t matter much with the input leniency in new games, but it makes a world of difference in faster paced games. Hell, there’s still people talking about shit about pad players with macros back in the MVC2 days, and even now. I even dislike things like plinking and blinking, but whatever. Personal preference won’t change shit.

I’m not being hostile about it. I’m just saying i don’t like it. I’m not going to raise an army and petition Capcom to fix it. I really hope you’re not seriously complaining about spamming hadokens being cheap. It’s a scrub mentality to write off the zoning game as spamming. Fireballs carry with them an inherent amount of risk. Bad players will end up eating a kick to the face, smart players know how to use it to control space and create a rhythm that your opponent has to work around.


o.o i dont know how you got from what i said that spamming hadokens is cheap? I basically said was that marcos are in games just like the ability to consistently do the same move over and over. There is nothing you can do to change it, so just deal wit it.

And really why change it, if pads have this “advantage” why doesn’t more players use them. “It’s not how it was done in the arcade” that mentality saddens me but i still enjoy my hori pad with all 8 buttons one side :slight_smile:


The way you worded it made it seem like you were hostile, as if you were complaining about the cheapness of “spamming” fireballs. Imo, consistency should be something that the player practices, without any game-provided assists. This goes for any command that requires the input of multiple buttons. Look at SF4 once took a reversal DP, something which was difficult to pull it, made it so that any noob spastically making any motion and button input results in rapidfire DPs. Technically it’s made DP motions more consistent, but it hasn’t necessarily benefited the game.

More players don’t use pads because it’s culturally accepted that you need a stick to play the game. While it’s not true, there is a reason why the vast majority of tournament players use arcade sticks. They’re more reliable for prolonged use, easier on your thumb, have more feedback for directional inputs, larger buttons means better tactile feel and allows easier inputs for more advanced execution techniques, and thus it’s the trend.

Like I said, I hold a pretty conservative view on what is and is not acceptable for the controller interface with the game. Obviously I hold heavy bias, since I grew up playing in arcades, and it gave birth to the FGC everyone knows today. Other sports hold similar views on limitations for equipment used at games, and so do I.


I don’t see why there should be any question about the fairness of things that are programmed into the game. In SF4, PPP and KKK are actual options in the input menu, not something that needs to be wired. Blame Capcom for making the game that way, not players for using every advantage they can. The same can be said for plinking.


I know they’re programmed into the game by macros. I’m not blaming the players. I’m just saying I don’t like it, but I understand the reasoning for it.


A war that has been fought since the console era allowed macro’s lol. I hate’m too but, hey, it is a softer time now.


My bad, i didn’t think my tone was hostile. I also grew up in arcades but when that time passed i just found it more comfortable playing on pad and stuck with it. The thing is we got different views on this. How you said your very conservative I’m very open to whatever people want to use that is available to them. As long as it doesn’t break the game because the end its about the things you do on screen that matters. The controller is just a weapon of chose, if its easier to plink and you need that play with that controller, if its easier to instant dash and you want that play with that controller.


In an ideal world where I can compromise on my views, you can play on a pad, keyboard, hit box, and arcade stick, without any advantage. Unfortunately, macros are an advantage. Also no multi-directional inputs, in order to remove the hit box has in certain games (caused a bug with old version of MVC3 where it would block any attack, and makes available certain options available in Tekken and VF that aren’t physically possible on stick or pad). I would actually prefer it if people could somehow play on a pad hybrid that essentially combined the left-side d-pad with the arcade button layouts on the right side. That way, no macros, and you’re free to be comfortable on the d-pad.