Multiple FADCs in one combo

I can do SA, FADCf, CS, FADCf, CS

but I can’t do CS, FADCf, CS, FADCf, CS

Is the second one even possible? The last CS always seems to miss.

Also, is using multiple FADCs in one combo ever a good idea? Or is it better to save the last two bars for another combo?

i’m pretty sure only 2 cs are possible… just tried it myself and the opponent is too low after the 2nd cs!

As for using multiple fadc in one combo … i think it’s definitely a waste for cammy as she can put her meter to good use!

3 is indeed not possible:)
The only good double fadc combo is cs fadc cs fadcb ultra imo.

unless you are going to kill the character wouldn’t it be better to just do cs fadc ultra and save your super meter for more ex dive kicks or cs fadc cs?

Why not do the most damage when possible?:slight_smile:
U may never get the chance again to do it again.I always go for most damage possible when given the chance.

It depends on the player. If the player is a good player, and you can’t seem to land anything on them, then for sure.

If its a player you’re comfortable with, I’d normally wait and use the meter for something better. After the 4th hit in a combo the damage scaling makes your attacks pretty much worthless…

In a sense you are doing the most damage… just instead of the most damage at once, it’s the most damage with your available meter. Resource management :wink:

it’s really a question of guaranteed damage vs possible damage. If you are aiming for MAX damage then i would save it, but if you want guaranteed damage burn it. It really comes down to the opponent you are fighting against. I usually only burn meter when I’m playing against a turtle style character/opponent, as Cammy is very attack oriented and it can be difficult for her to get to use her meter for damage against turtles. Now if the opponent is using rushdown tactics then i would definitely save it! Cammy has so many options out of her dp that it’d be a shame to not have meter to punish that jump in or to continue to combo after a psychic dp connects (or to fadc a psychic dp that doesn’t connect =p)

Ultra counts as 2 hits i think so damage scaling is:
cs 100%
cs 100%
ultra 80%

Btw if u have 4 meters and an ultra it probaly means u didnt get alot of chances to do something so why not do some heavy damage then?

By the way, it is possible to do more than one FADC While it’s not possible to do 3 cannon spikes, it’s possible to do 2 cannon spikes and an ultra I think.