Multiple fighting games


About 3 months ago I have been practicing and attempting to get better at fighting games the ones I own so far are:

Persona 4 arena
Mortal Kombat
Tekken 6 (Getting TTT2 soon)

I’ve spent most of my time on Street fighter and umvc3 so I have a little more experience with those two than the others but, I still need a lot of work on those. I would like to at least get to the same level I am at with SF and Marvel on the other ones but, I get paranoid and think if I spend time on the others I would lose what I learned so far on SF and Marvel.

Any tips on learning multiple fighters or how I should separate time between each??
(Also thinking of picking up KOF and DOA)


My best answer would be, training mode.

It would be pretty hard to lose what you’ve learned from those games, the issue is becoming used to the other game’s mechanics. Some games you may just say “this isn’t for me.” if that’s the case, you can just go deeper into the others.


Think of it this way, most of the fundamentals you learned will transfer over, which in a way will already make you solid at the other two.( for the most part) I’d say drop Mortal Kombat and stick to only 4 games.
lol at the zero may cry team-_- thank god it’s not 4v4, you might as well add doom while your at it…


Gotta agree here. Each one of these games brings one facet of a good player to the table:
SSF4 will teach you fundamentals, zoning, spacing and execution (less combos, more OS)
UMVC3 will teach you to make judgments and break down exactly what’s going on in a much, then adjust to fit it. This is the most important skill you can learn in fighting games.
P4A (along with sf, actually) will teach you how to create, streamline and use okizeme setups, along with a healthy mix of everything else. You should always know some anime. It’s like carrots-- they’re good for you.
MK9 will teach you pressure-- how to keep it rolling, how to be creative with it-- it puts you in the mindset of “the most tricks with the most momentum.” I also learned a lot about neutral game from MK. I can say that 80% of how I play SF4 comes from how I play MK9.
Tag 2 will teach you how to be a beast at tekken ball. (nah but srs this games awesome too, its just that its 3D fundamentals.)


Well I never had that “this isn’t me” feeling for any of these fighting games so far. I was just thinking when I should spend time on the others should I wait until I at least get a little better at SF and Marvel first or should I keep switching between each game and spend a set amount of time on each??


Well I’m still looking for a team to make with zero a few people recommended the zero may cry team.


I agree with most of what others say about each game teaching something.

Although SF4… I’ve never been a fan of. I don’t like the things that SF4 adds to the fundamentals. I don’t know if people are still on the “hate” train but I honestly prefer SFxT. You learn most the same fundamentals, except the game is nowhere near as focused on Vortex and Focus Attacks (both things I feel detract from the fighting game fundamentals). I’d say strong fundamentals are even more important in SFxT to be honest.

UMvC - This game will get you to be incredible at defense. It’s also very complex, and very fast, compared to other fighting games. While it’s a bit cheaper and more random than other games, it will teach you great skills overall.

P4A - I agree with others said about this title. It’s very strong at teaching the fighting game fundamentals, along with SF4/SFxT, but it’s a very different pace and I feel requires a bit more defense than the other games as well. Sort of combining the strengths of SF games and UMvC. Learning different paces for the same fundamentals will be great as a player overall, and probably teach you a few new things that weren’t as apparent while you were learning other games.

MK - I’m mixed about this title. I love the mobility moves, and some characters are quite fun. But I’ve never liked the lack of mixups, and I feel the characters are just too… basic. After just a couple hours with each character you know basically everything there is to learn about a character. I didn’t like that feeling. I don’t know how much this game will teach you relative to other games for this reason - sure it has footsies and some of the same fundamentals, but I can’t think of anything that this game will teach you that a SF game or P4A won’t teach you better. I’m hoping Injustice fixes these issues with MK.

Tekken 6 - This is a different ballgame imo. I keep 3d fighters separate from 2d fighters. They play way different, Tekken in particular, is so focused on momentum. I don’t enjoy that for a competitive game, fights are over too fast and usually too 1 sided for my taste. But if you are going to play a 3d fighter, I’d say TTT2 or VF are your best bet (depending on the type of player you are).

Honestly that choice is up to you. If you had to put them in order, which games do you enjoy playing from most to least?

From the games mentioned I feel SF or SFxT, P4A, and UMvC could teach you the most about 2d fighters. The SF games are most about fundamentals rather than combos, UMvC is more about combos + high speed + incredible offense and defense. P4A is in the middle between SF and UMvC where it shares the elements of both without a major focus on either.

My games of choice right now are SFxT (especially with the new patch coming out) and P4A. The only reason UMvC is not in the mix is because the netcode isn’t up to par and a lot of my time is spent online. P4A and SFxT both have very playable netcode so that leaves them in the mix.

Take from that what you will, and add your favorite rankings to the mix, and hopefully that gives you some guidance!


If you are interested in playing multiple fighters, I’d suggest picking 1-2 character from every game (3 in Marvel) and start practicing and learn their matchups. No need to learn to play every single character of every game, 1 is enough . It would be better to pick the easier characters, regarding execution. Once you get the hang of the game, you can switch to more demanding characters
the best thing would be if characters share some similarities in style so that you’ll find the migration easier. Eg Ryu in SF4 and MvC or a similar character in KOF,

Learning Persona would be usefull if you are into anime 2D fighters that have their own mechanics (Blazblue, GG, Melty Blood, Skullgirls etc)

Mortal Kombat, if you are into games of the same studio (MK related mostly)

Tekken for 3D fighters.

Notice though that the task you ask is very demanding. Not even pros can be masters in all games. Stick to 3 games or if you want more games find something similar.


I think you’re probably a lot better off picking one or maybe two games and playing the hell out of them rather than trying to play everything. Once you start getting decent/good at one there isn’t any harm branching out. There isn’t any harm dabbling, but I would try to focus on one or maybe two, especially if they are execution intensive.

As for practice schedules and what not, we can’t really tell you that. A couple of the most important skills fighting game players need to develop are self analysis/criticism and making personal goals. Figure out where you are weak and devote more time to improving that aspect of your gameplay.


I agree that while different games will teach you different things, there is a lot more to gain by digging into one game until you feel relatively competent or at least comfortable.


Thanks for all the replies I decided I’m going to possible work each fighting game little by little maybe spend about a few weeks to a month on one each and see how this goes.

Lol I did exactly this for SF4 started of using Ryu then switched to Cody now working on the char I really wanted to use Cammy.


I’ve actually been attempting something similar. I’ve gotten to the point where I feel quite proficient with Marvel that I decided to pick up other games so I’ve been trying out sfxt and ae.
I decided to put them in a cycle and just rotate in between games. I’ll use one weekend (friday-sunday) to learn something new in the game I’m currently playing, and then the 4 day week after I’ll switch to another game and just play it a bit each day or so to retain information and keep from getting rusty. And of course if I feel like practicing a game more I’d give it another day. It’s all about finding what works though really.
I’d advise against learning TTT2 if you’re learning others though since like everyone’s been saying, 3D fighters don’t really translate well to the other games.


I’ve been juggling a bunch of games for awhile now too and I usually just play one game for a couple weeks until I’m sick of it and then move on to another one and I eventually cycle through them all in a span of like 2 months. I play UMvC3, SSF4, SFxT, and Skullgirls, and I dabble in some older 2D games like MvC1 and 2, HD remix, and Guilty Gear. It is true that playing all these games makes me a lot better at each of them. UMvC3 and Skullgirls have really made my execution better because they’re fast paced and require some crazy inputs in combos and movement as well; whereas the Street Fighter games are good for fundamentals that you can carry over to just about any other fighting game. And when I come back to a game I haven’t played in awhile sure its a little rusty but a little time in training mode or messing around in player matches is usually all it takes for the muscle memory to come back and get used to the flow again.