Multiple inferno comboes?



Im new to blackheart and he seems WAY awesome from what I have heard. But I am having trouble trying to connect his Inferno into another inferno.

I know its supposed to hit them once and then hit them again and then do another, but I cant seem to do it correctly, anyone got any pointers at all?


It’s not easy. They have to be at a very specific height for the Inferno to hit twice. Cyclops assist seems to be the easiest to do this with (time the Inferno so it hits after the optic bullet). But it’s not easy.


Ive seen it done on a combo video to where they didnt use an assist for it. At about what height do they need to be?


there’s plenty of ways to go into the inferno semi-infinite but since you said you’re a beginner just use cyclops…
lk + cyc, lk…as second hit from cyc connects do the inferno and it should connect right after the bullet from cyc…
they should be a little over mid screen for this to work


i remember messing around with this a while back (after i saw a video of it) and i only got to work on certain characters. also, since i wasn’t using assist in the combo, i found it best if i cancelled as soon as the launcher hit. that put them in the right height to juggle the opponent.

low,, land, oc.fp XX inferno…

also, i think i was only able to get 3 infernos to combo in without assit. with assist, maybe 4 - 5.

note: launcher assist works pretty good…but who uses launcher?