Multiple LoVs, Chariot Tackles - Charged Too Long Problem

I posted this in the Remy section but not many people seem to go there so I decided to post it here since it kind of concerns other charge characters too.

I have seen quite a few videos of matches where Remy does the ‘LoV machinegun’ and I have been trying to do that but to no avail.
I know that if I charge downback/back for too long, then perform the LoV, the second LoV won’t come out, right?

But this is the problem that I am having. I can do single LoVs fine of course. But how can I not hold downback for too long? How can I prevent that? Because what I find myself doing is holding downback or down for like 3 seconds, then doing forward + punch.

I know to partition it for machinegun LoV, I need to do forward then downback + punch. However, I can only do that very inconsistently. And after that, when I do the second LoV, it doesn’t come out. Probably because I focused too much on partitioning, so I ended up charging too long for the first LoV.

This is the main reason why I never could do rapid LoV, or Urien’s tackle juggles (I think it works the same way). How can I learn to do this right?

You have your terms mixed up. You are talking about charge buffering, not partitioning.

That thread is also about it. You can also check the Urien forums for threads about it.

You know what to do, you just have to practice. If you can’t move from forward to downback consistently, I don’t know what to tell you. Are you on pad? Cuz if you are, get on stick.

^ Cosign.

another thing to practice is the EXACT shortest time possible for a full charge. This helps for buffering as well as partitioning.

Not to mention, it helps if you’re doing fwd,bck+p/k extra quick. Like super quick; the game is really good at recognizing the command.

Thanks, I saw that thread but I can’t seem to understand what this particular post means…

He says that rapid LoVs are actually charge partitioning.

What he says next is also confusing for me, what exact inputs should I do to say do 6 LoVs in a row? Do I have to alternate between high and low to do this?

not really, Ive done like 10 in a row alternating different speeds and everything, and doing the same over and over, but once I saw somewhere that you have to start with a short lov, I always start with a short just cause Im used to it when Im screwing around with remy, but maybe is not really needed.

He means rapid-fire LoVs. It just sounds like you’re doing normal buffered ones. You have to alternate for instant ones. Doing the same one will always be slower anyway because the game won’t let you have more than one of each height on the screen at the same time.

it becomes rapid after the 3rd one. getting the 2nd one out is key then after that it becomes rapid.