Multiple machines: scrub problem and difficulty problem solved

Its only been about 80 years since the last time I posted on SRK but but I needed to check something in the philly players thread.

ANYWAY, There is a fairly easy even if it seems counterproductive way to solve the scrub problem, the difficult learning curve problem the lack of new players problem in the troubled arcade scene.

BUY MORE GAMES, Not different games, the same.

With some new games just coming out and right around the corner I thought I would throw this out there again.

There are 4 MVC2 cabinets at University Pinball (The only reason there aren’t 5 anymore is because the 5th one was acting stupid.) If you think this is insane so did everyone the day the two new MVC2s showed up ,bringing the total to 5.

Anyway with this many machines (at least 3) everyone wins

Scrubs: mash buttons happily and pay the bill for the arcade

Mid level players: have both a place to play without the worry not having any chance to win and a place to watch better people play and ask them for help. They even jump in everyonce in a while to test out what they’ve learned.

High level players: get to do what they always do without costing the arcade a huge source of income (scrubs) while they play

Having multiple cabinets allows more than one community to exist within the same game at the same arcade. There are ALOT of mid level players who come to the arcade on a near daily basis that would never play if there was only one machine here. Sometimes someone will playsomeone they Clearly know they can beat but then the person who loses always has the option to move to another machine. No one (here at least) is enough of an ass to follow someone from machine to machine beating them.

Why do you need at least 3 machines because every once and a while a machine is going to break, a button, a joystick or whatever when this to learn and if your mid level players have their hours of competitive play broken up constantly because a button on the other machinhappens the high level players need somewhere else to play without kicking the mid level players off their machine. You need to provide a fun stable place for peoplee is out they will eventually get tired off it and stop playing.

It isn’t uncommon to come in when there are only about 20 people in the arcade and find all 4 MVC2 machines in use and I know some of it is due to the fact that it is MVC2 but its mostly due to the fact that people can enjoy their level of play competitively.

Cabinet 1: MSP vs team scrub - Unfly, infinites, guard breaks

Cabinet 2: all top teir character but now really intense combos maybe a second or even a third AHVB ever once in a while

Cabinet 3: High level player playing low teir - because everyonce in a while you get so sick of seeing Cable you want to punch someone.

Cabinet 4: who knows what the heel is going on over here one guy has Amingo, all of his characters have the worst assist type. and the other person is just smacking buttons but they are having fun


There are alot of good games coming out and I would hate to see them die early because of a lack of new players.

thats great now how about solving the “nobody plays at the arcade” problem

destroy the internet.

Wait, are you saying there are places where I can play video games outside of my house?

BlackShinobi you definately know what you are talking about. 110% agree

thats why I brought it up with new games coming out. I’m not suggesting someone go out and buy 5 3S machines because there aren’t loads of new people jumping on that game but there are games coming out or recently released that will have people interested.

If you live at a place where the arcade scene is dead then this won’t help, but if you live at a place where it is still strong or even dying this will help.

The simple fact is that skilled fighting game players don’t keep arcades open in fact they scare off a good chunk of the profits that those machines would see if those players were not there. This solution allows everyone to win.

Now as for the problem of how to fit all of these games into an arcade, that I have not come up with a solution for.

It is a good idea. I was just discussing similar issues with people today in a 4 hour car ride. Arcades need more of the same cabinet but also they should actually step up and become something more then a normal arcade. Unfortunately most people would find arcades boring now a days and just having the machines and would of mouth of them wouldn’t bring people in. Arcade need a few things.

The main addition needs to be events. Tournaments run by the arcade owners down weekly. Prizes and everything. I feel this can get peoples attention.

Console rooms should be added. Pay a bit of money to go into a room with tons of consoles and games. The problem would be stopping people from steal but still allow easy access to games. Could be quite hard, Though there could just be certain games up on certain days. But this would bring competitive console players to the arcade a lot.

Arcades need to have lots of games that cannot exist on consoles and do not make noise when not in use. Arcades need to have those weird obscure games to make lots of money and I think we all know this. They need more of these and they need to put your idea for Cabinet 4 in this area so the pros don’t always swarm it.

The only problem I see with the idea is your asking an arcade to shell out more money for more setups for the same game.

I’ve personally never been to an arcade that had multiples of the same game unless it was one of those games that link up (racers, etc).

So for an arcade that was dying, I don’t think the idea would help all that much. You just are in one of the few places that has a scene for a game. If the last arcade I used to go to, before it closed, had 4 MvC2 setups he would have had to hire a duster to keep them clean.

Is one credit still only a quarter in America?

The problem over here is that it costs a euro per credit, that’s $1.37 per credit!

in mexico it’s a peso per credit for a bunch of machines

yeah that’s right a dime a game

Thats why the key to this working is NEW GAMES
you take a new game with some promise, start having some tournaments and then use the mackines to allow everyone to have their own place to play as the levels of play for that game are figured out. It only takes a day or two for people to figure out who they can and can’t beat.

ONCE YOUR SCRUBS AND MID LEVEL PLAYERS LEAVE ITS TOO LATE. YOU HAVE TO CATCH THEM EARLY BEFORE THEY GIVE UP ON THE GAME. Maybe I should mention that there was never only one MVC2 machine here to begin with, We started with 2 went up to 3 about a year later and then up to 5 and down to 4 this year.

I think the problem is easier with MvC2 in philly, your in one of the hotspots of the game, and the scene started a billion years ago, i remember playing marvel there in 2000 and I was like ‘whoa two cabs!’.

But I do agree with the general idea, find a game that works and build a dedicated scene, and get extra cabs to keep people around. But i don’t think you can just get a couple of any random game.

Japan does the same thing with VF, and has done so for years

they used to have fifty some odd VF machines on the same floor seperated by Kyu/Dan so that lower ranked / tier players wouldn’t get frustrated when they got annihilated by someone like Ohsu or Chibita but rather were playing people of the same skillset

Wow. Assuming that arcade keeps the machines maintained and does not leave them broken for long, thats a sweet set-up! :lovin:

Screw that, this is not the 90’s anymore! With today’s consoles around, arcades are damned lucky for any business they get these days and should be grateful.

No more than 1 quarter per play.

Everything is usually fixed within a days maybe two of being reported, sometimes right on the spot. We get complaints about the sticks but thas not really an issue of something being broken.

The good thing is a button can go out, you give someone a refund and everything keeps on rolling like nothing happened. everyone just moves to the next machine.

good thread, this deserves article status.

Since this thread is getting some views here is a quick question for everyone reading this.
How many of the games at your arcade have a strong mid level player base, a high level player base at the same time.

Is it that the game only appeals to high level players OF COURSE NOT. SCRUBS LOVE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. BUT MOST POEPLE HATE LOSING.

BTW the reason i said mid level and not scrub is because you don’t stay a button masher for long when the guy on the machine next to you keeps pulling of insane combos. Most scrubs mash buttons because they don’t know what else to do. And even if they are too proud to ask someone for help they will watch better players play and the imitate what works. The problem is getting the two to coexist in the same space and that is why you need multiple machines.

This is from Arturo in Japan over in the arcana heart thread

Let me put what Art has said into perspective. Not to put you down BlackShinobi, but there’s the usual answer to why this works in Japan and not back in the states with ya’ll.

  1. They can do that in Tokyo because there are people in those particular areas of Tokyo. The chances of an arcade being able to afford that sort of thing is directly proportional to what other shit they have going on/how dedicated their userbase is. If this is the arcade I’m thinking he went to in Akiba, then there are several(IIRC 8) floors of various other themes, all of which are able to either pull their own weight or overcompensate for other areas not pulling their own(UFO Catchers, ____Mania/DDR, Initial D/random racing, and the biggest money pit of the 21st century, CARD GAMES). Scrubs and random heads will go through there all the time because face it, it’s fucking Akiba. There’s always some random shit going down in Akiba. It isn’t, however, known for uber-top tier play, which is why he wasn’t getting particularly challenged there. StridaJin(from TZ) and I were able to rank up almost all of our B-string characters in T5DR while we were there simply because of population density.

  2. Also, the Japanese are VERY random. This is from my experiences going up to Tokyo myself with the other Okinawa crewmembers, as well as being stuck on this little island paradice for the past 6 years. There will be days where you can see high traffic in your arcade of choice, but your game of choice will be ice fucking cold. Hell, there are times where shit is popping and then all of a sudden it’s 8PM and niggas leave. Then some days shit’s empty till around 10PM then everyone from the region is playing on the 2 DR machinces your arcade has.

Realistically, the real popular Japanese arcades don’t have multiple games because of a need for difference in skill levels, but for a need of pleasing their userbase by not having them wait 30-40 deep to play like we had to back in the days of playing Champion Edition in Penn Station’s arcade(who remembers that shit? That was the first arcade I ever saw with a 4 slot MVS system when Neo-Geo first dropped). Because their return is practically guaranteed they can risk having 4 CvS2 machines on top of having 6 deluxe VF5 kits with 2 VF.TV screens and terminals.

IMHO, this would’ve been an ideal solution 10 years ago before the bubble popped and people became disinterested in the arcade. Some better games at the right time woulda helped too. It’s kinda narrowminded to think that our interests would’ve kept arcades from becoming “amusement centers”. Almost all Japanese arcades understand this balance, as they are able to bring in the average money-burning idiot as well as keep that guy that has an urge to rape everyone with Makoto every 3 nights.

OMG dont remind me :sad: