Multiple pcb newbie question


i have a TE round 2 stick with a PS360 which works swimmingly. i saw that akihabara shop will have dreamcast solder-less pcbs soon, and i was wondering a few things about adding it to my stick.

first, is it okay to have two sets of wires on each button? like, one going to the ps360, and one going to the Dreams PCB? if so, do i need another ground or is the one set up already fine?

what kind of wire is used is the sticks? i’d imagine i’d need to get some more to make sure everything fits in the stick.

thanks in advance for the help. :slight_smile:

read this first.

after you’ve read this, all you really have to do is link the vcc, ground and all the signals from the ps360 to the dreams

awesome. thanks for the read, it was very informative. :slight_smile: i think i have a better grasp of the basics now. :china: