Multiple USB josticks on vista... how?

when i have two plugged in it can’t seem to figure out which is first player and which is 2nd… like… for mame… it wont even recognize the input from them when trying to configure controls

it works fine when it is just one plugged into the computer, but when 2 are it like won’t read inputs from either converter… it’s really weird

someone has to know… damn…

I haven’t had this issue at all. I use xpadder for a lot of stuff, though. If you haven’t given that a shot, do.

Hmm, it could be that both together take too much power from that one USB hub, and they don’t both work. Did you try plugging them in, say one in the front USB port and one in the back, if you have that option?

yes, there are some on both sides of the computer, one was on each side and they did not work

I’ve had nothing but problems with Vista and joysticks. The results are always so inconsistent, random, and bizarre that conventional diagnostic troubleshooting (ie. using logic to problem-solve) does nothing to help the situation.

Try Joy2Key. I never tried that. If that doesn’t work, ask yourself how badly you want Vista. My buddy is formatting and slipping XP onto his new laptop specifically because of this shit.