Multiple usernames?


I have SFV on PC. I want a friend to come around and play it on my PC. I’m going to teach him how to play and want him to have his own fighter ID name/account. Is that possible?

I google’d it but couldn’t find an answer.

many thanks.

CFN ID’s on PC’s are linked to Steam accounts, so you might be able to do it via family sharing (sharing your library with his Steam account).

Is teaching him on ps4 not an option? You can just create another user profile for that.

And the family sharing option should work on steam as well.

i can confirm that the family share option will work. you can create as many accounts as you want with it.

be aware that when you use two or more accounts on one pc you will lose the progress flags in survival mode
when you switch between both accounts. but thats just a visual thing. all the unlocked colors/fightmoney will stay.

for fam share you have to create a new steam account for your friend.
you should create at the same time a new email account for him which will be tied with the steam account and give him the data/pw
for both since he will need access to the email account when he want to play with his steam account on a other pc.

Very helpful thanks for your responses.