MultiScreen with Mame

well i got mame working great but i cant play on anything huge but i have an extra lcd and i was wondering if i could have the game run on both screens at once but instead of cloneing the picture having it fill both screens??

basicly half of the game on 1 moniter and other half on the other

If you have a graphics card that can run 2 monitors, you can just set it to extended desktop (i think)

iirc theres an option to mirror the desktop if u have a card that supports it.

Several things.

In my experience, running a single program that uses graphics acceleration on two screens at once does not work. It will only show up on one screen, even if you stretch it so that the window fills both of them. You can, however, mirror the image on both screens in the more recent MAME versions. If you’re serious about getting a dual-screen setup, I’d also look into UltraMon. It’s a program that helps INCREDIBLY with multiple monitor management.