Mummy-B Remembrance Video


This year at Evo World, we are going to be doing a remembrance video for some fallen street fighters, especially Brian Graham aka Mummy-B.

If anyone has any pictures, videos, etc. of Brian, please send it to me asap.

PM me with any info, and we’ll work out a way to either transfer or to ship videos to me.

Shipping fees will be reimbursed my myself personally.

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Much thanks for the Sticky.


Now I gotta go. I miss that kid so god damned bad.


Make it happen.

Make it happen man.


Never got a chance to speak to him, only know by reputation but I want to see this.


Why is this here?? Put this in GD asap.


A lot of people died that year, Mummy b. , Maximus, Will Martin and Defour…


Because alot of people in the ATL south love and miss brian alot. It’s only right to have it in this section, but I do agree it should be in general dis section also. Make that happen ronin.:wink:


If you miss or cared about B please copy and paste my avatar.