Mummy help against zoners

Hey I am a new Anak user and I have been using the Anak var/Iron man beam/ and son son Anti Air as my main squad with the mummy. I do very well against rush down squads but suffer against zoning chip based teams.

If anyone has tips on how to get in on/ any exploits the following characters I’d love to hear it.

iron man

It would definitely help me

I love playing that team myself, even if my Anak game needs a tune up. First and foremost, while it isn’t necessary I would change IM assist to AA. It covers a lot of ground, stays out for ages, and sets up easy curse infinite (call IM AA, Launch and jump up/backward, immediate HP–>qcf LK, land, repeat x N). Also, if you are having trouble with Iceman and Sent, know that IM’s beam assist won’t do jack to help against them.
Iceman - Punish ground beams with wrap throw. Stay on him like white on rice instead of trying to run away; all his moves have plenty of downtime all three of your guys can capitalize on. Especially abuse the df+lk right off the ground. Players often fail to block it right, especially if they are being rushed down. You won’t be able to outchip/outlast Iceman here, but one solid combo with Anak will carve him up.
Sentinel - This depends largely on the assists he has. Anak air throws/coffin drops are pretty good with Iron Man AA to cover screen, but the risk is HEAVY as one good rocket punch can break your lead. Try to get Iron Man in instead. If you have the meter Sj up and coffin super to Proton Cannon for a safe-ish entrance. Once IM is on the floor, try to get real close, wait for the assist they’re probably spamming and knock 'em flying with Sonson AA. IM can air combo both into next week if you get it right.
Storm - PATIENCE and a good eye will get you this one. You have to move fast like her but be tricky to boot. Make her think you’re about to leave yourself open with the next logical step and do something else. Be conservative with your assists, especially if she’s their second in line. Anak and Sonson have crap health and a Hail DHC at the wrong moment can cost you the round. Coffins for runaway, throws for Hailstorm if you can make it, or instant DHC to Proton Cannon (my favorite). I like to play Sonson against Storm with IM AA backing. Be ready to block a LOT and wait for the right moment (Sonson uppercut staff into super wreaks havoc on Storm’s health).
Iron Man - If they’re a crap IM use your own against him. You’ll have the same priorities but better know-how. If you’re not sure I’d stick with Anak. He has good manueverability and his floating nature allows you to punish whiffed PCs and such. If you land behind him in such a scenario, call your IM, launch, curse inf. If they know better, play Anak like IM vs. Sent above and try not to be at the same spot as your assists at any time.

Great advice Shifty I will definitely look up the Ironman AA infinite with Anakaris and the Son Son monkey Uppercut into the Rod super. Son Son is definitely a character I do not know enough about. I will have to start training with her. On the upside my Mummy is getting to the point where average players can’t touch em.

If anyone else has some good stuff post away!

Anak suffers because of his speed against chip teams and zones. What you should do, is ocaasionally aerial coffin drop or mummy wrap (and throw in a mummy curse as well). This isnt gonna get you closer really, but it at least slows them down, and puts them on the defensive for some time. Actually a way to get closer would be mummy wraps standing. It sometimes catches them off-guard, and allows you to control the spacing in the match.

Well, its not a secret to what Icepick will do in a match. Use tigerkee w/Ironman to quicken Anak’s mobility, and also close the distance on Icepick. Once you get close, Icepick is not as combo-oriented as Anak, so work on cr.combos and such.

Sentinel is a major concern for Anak, because he has so much stuff to throw at Anak, all the while Anak’s lag just makes things worse. I would tell you to kinda work in the air, and keep him in the air, as opposed to the ground because theres just too much shit to defend against on the ground. Use curse often, back-to- back sometimes, switch between coffin drop, mummy wrap, just basically stay active and dont fall asleep. Also, work on cr.combos too, w/ IronMan to chip and lock-down.

Yeah, if Sentinel was bad, Storm is basically a death sentence. Storm is just too quick, and most likely if you dont get some curse infinites going, she gonna down Anak. There are so benefits though, like when interrupting her hailstorms. You can kinda stop it with coffin drop, and mummy wrap is helpful sometimes for when she tries a typhoon/hailstorm. Overall, just try to cause confusion long enough to dhc into IronMan or SonSon.

IronMan is a good match, but Anak’s lag can be exposed for a infinite. With IronMan flying around, dropping smartbombs etc., use your SonSon anti-air to negate that method. IronMan is really trying to float around until an opening for an infinite is present. Just stay away from that, and you have yourself a good match!

Well, I cant list the whole shabang, but I hope I helped out for your Anak gameplay…

lol why you taking my team. I can show you how to really play that ish and the mummy :cybot:

don’t underestimate his airborn LP snake snap. HIGH priority and great recovery. use curse/coffin/hands sparingly as they leave much more open compared to snake snap. floating snake snape, lp, snap beats out a lot.

though anakaris mirror matches can be stupid lol.

storm: if she’s running, use long range sj.hks and drops. once she’s keeping away, curse more. do some light rush down. try and get her in a good combo OR a double snap (or even a regular snapout)

sent: float a lot. use mostly snake snaps with a bit of cursing/coffins. utlize long range moves, but be careful of capcom. get him on the ground and use that as your chance to rush down his huge body (he has a lot of rushdown variants)

IM: coffin drop. stay higher than him. be careful when he’s below you. this should really be a hard fight compared to storm/sent

the other IM (iceman): sj, adf a bit, coffins. when he’s in the air, wavedash and use your ground options. he has the tools to keep you out and can do major damage to you, so still be careful. but you have more mixup options once close.

if the iceman or storm or sent are even slightly better players than you (and know anakaris’ gimmicks), and have the right team, your anakaris probably won’t win. for obvious reasons. but that’s why you have IM backing you up.

you better make sure your IM is really solid…and that you know what to do with sonson (I can show you this too). I know all combos/tricks/gimmicks for this team…but still, as a whole it’s pretty weak compared to like anak/storm/sonson. if you want to beat competant players who know how to fight against anak and have good teams (captain command), make sure you IM is reallllly good.

but really, most of the stuff people listed and I’m listing you probably already know. it’s basic anakaris gameplay. you just need to tighten up your defense, offense, combos, etc.

if you wanna play a great anakaris (who has played against the BEST anakaris), get at me :wink: I’ll probably be the best anakaris on Live you can play (dereklearnslow too…though he uses more high tier than low tier)

I mostly use anak/sonson/tron, or other low tiers, but anak/IM/sonson is MY old team. and I can do anak/storm/sonson too…

-I doubt I will give you much of a sparring challenge Beats, I am an average player who knows SOME tricks. That said, I am all about learning what you know if your offering to teach me that. You definitely know your shit so it would be stupid not to take advantage of that. Let me know when you could set aside some time and spar me a bit to show me those tricks of yours?

-In response to the strategies I play decent defense (I know for the most part when I have good openings to attack) and I know some tricks with each character. I would say I am about average with Anak/Ironman/SonSon as a team and individually. The guy I spar plays venom guile iceman. His iceman assist always ends up chipping me to death the guy plays excellent D and he predicts my offense well even if I switch it up.

-A HUGE problem seems to be this damn xbox controller. I am pulling off supers when I want to Airdash and doing a bunch of crap by accident. Anyone know of a good marvel stick for xbox?

Let me know.

Also my gamertag is OZGFIVE if you want to add me Beats. I hope you do I could use the help.

if you can play on japanese, the TE is great.

otherwise, get a MAS for 360 (you have to call and special request it)

and yeah, really, with the right team, iceman slightly beats anakaris. he’s slow, but that’s not what matter…he stops your limited movement…but a lot of characters beat anak, you just need to be smart and use his good (and sometimes gimmicky) tools to put the hurt on them.

I may be jumping on to play in a bit.

Eek that Joystick is expensive can’t swing that anytime soon. Looks nice though. I stumbled upon this and for 90$ it might be the best option for the 360.

Beats I will add you next time I am on LIVE. I will be on tomorrow Afternoon though hope to see you on.