Munchies SSF4 Tournament 6/24

(copied from previous thread)

Munchies SSF4 tourney. June 24h 2010. Suisun, CA (Thursdays)


All characters legal
2/3 rounds
2/3 games
3/5 winner final, loser final, and grand final
Double elimination
Played on Xbox360

Entry Fee/Payouts

$7 entry. $5 goes to the pot. $2 goes to the house.
70/20/10% payout structure.


Sign ups will end at 6 and tourney WILL start at 6:30 pm
Sign ups and casuals start at 5:00pm.


274 Sunset Ave # G
Suisun City, CA 94585
(707) 427-2673?

Munchies is an awesome coffee shop in Suisun City that lets us throw weekly tournaments at their store. It is very comfortable, with plenty of space and ventilation. There are also refreshments and snacks on the spot. Very chill environment.

It’s easy to get to off of I-80 or highway 12.

We usually get around 20-27 people.

This thread will stay updated with weekly results.

edit* After talking with the owner about the tournament he requested two things. One is don’t bring in outside drinks and food (unless its water) and the other is for you guys to try to park somewhere else other than in front of the shop because of JDM car thing going on the same night.

Ram is working nights which means that I’m running the tourney by myself until evo.

Results for Munchies 5/6


1 Lilsix (Ken)
2 Larry S. (Rufus)
3 Eric Choi (Rufus)
4 200Yen (Abel/Sagat)
5 Pieguy (Honda)
5 Elcubanoloco (Juri/Claw)
7 Al (Rufus)
7 thxyoutoo (Boxer)
9 Tyram
9 Tone
9 Allen Chang
9 MacaRudy
13 RawStewage
13 WhiteShadow
13 Coopa
13 Beef
17 Grimmz
17 Ken
17 Bird
17 JP
17 Joel
17 Shway
17 Hazeandfire
17 Raikanami
25 mynameisjeff

Results for Munchies 5/20


1 Lamerboi
2 Eric Choi
3 Crackfiend
4 Masarap!
5 Elcubanoloco
5 Rudy
7 Romeo
7 Grimmz
9 Ryan
9 Beef
9 Vasaznion/Allen
9 Tyram
13 Korea/200yen
13 Sickwidit
13 Maganda
13 Ded
17 Al
17 Redwings
17 Tone
17 Raikanami

Results for Munchies 6/3


1 Lamerboi (Guile)
2 Elcubanoloco (Claw)
3 Grimmz (Ryu)
4 Rudy (Dictator/Abel)
5 Jack (Ryu)
5 Beef (Boxer)
7 Korea (Boxer/Sagat)
7 Mynameisjeff (Guile)
9 Marcus
9 Long2urhero
9 CJ
9 Mark
13 Kate
13 Raikanami
13 Tone
13 AJ

I may come to live stream this event if more than just me from davis/sac go!

I will definitely be there again. I’ll try and take Grimmz and some other peeps with me as well.

ohh good shit bringin back the munchies hopfully work wont stop me makin it out there

hhmm might have to make the trip and show yall what the masters ken do now

ill be there

Hm, I’ll see if I can make it. School might get in the way.

Sorry guys I had to change the date to a week later because of school.

I’d probably go to check it out if I wouldn’t be on a plane to MWC :cool:

haha my bad nate.

Can the thread get a sticky please?

aye 707 where you at? none of yall comin to this?

I’m down to go.


Haven’t had a Mexican mocha in awhile. I’ll try to make it to the next one.

i’ll probably be there if not stuck at work

i’ll be there

I’ll be there


I’m not doing anything Thursday, so I’ll come through.

Me, Grimmz, Sikwidit and Anti-Fascist Al will be there tomorrow. Looking forward to good food, people and beatings hahaha.

RawwStewage, Sicx and I should be there.

I have to go eat dinner with the fam for my dads birthday but I’ll be here before and then again after dinner. I wont be able to enter till next week. Hopefully the hawk will be ready by then