Murphy's law at its best!

First of all I have nothing against the hard working guys, like TRNG, at Akishop. They deserve respect for what they do on a daily basis. But… i just had to post this story as it’s unbelievable how Murphy’s law took me on a joyride through shitville!

Half October I started asking my customers if they could wait for their stick orders to be finished so they could have the PS360 in their sticks. Because I couldn?t finish sticks without the PCB?s anyway I added the buttons and GTY?s to the order. The PS360?s got delayed from their November release to first week December and I had to ask if they would wait. They did.
First week December nothing happened
Second week i got a reply : ?we had to wait for the parts from Sanwa and Seimitsu also and it slowed everything down. ? I respect that. stuff happens.
December 16th the parts finally arrived at the dutch customs.
14 calls to the customs office later, the shipping company started processing the parcel on the 23rd.

I was ready to sacrifice my Christmas weekend to catch up on the sticks but then this happend:
The order was brought to my place on the 24th but they shoved a note through my mailbox stating that they tried to deliver but couldn?t? no reason? The reason for that was that TNT had a 1 day rule that any deliveryguy that delivered parcels after 15.00 couldn’t ring the doorbell because they thought it was rude on the day before Christmas.
The next business day was ofcourse monday next week.
Today (monday 27th) they finally arrived with the package and guess what:
Aki forgot every Sanwa and Seimitsu button that I added to the order. They did manage to add the PS360?s from the added order?
Now every local Sanwa/Seimitsu dealer is closed to the 1st week of Januari.

Everbody has those moments that they think ‘this could only happen to me’ and this is one of those moments for me.

It sounds like you can’t catch a break. Keep your head up Jinx!

Damn. Keep ya head up mang. I hope the delays end soon.


That sucks. I hate luck since there is no way to control it in these kind of situations.

count your blessings, son. it’s stick buttons.

Murphy’s Law is a Bitch!

Jeez man. I applaud the patience of the customers at that point. Patience of Job imo.

But that’s Griswold level stuff.


On a more positive note: 2010 is nearly gone.

I hope '11 is a better year for you, man!

As I see it.