Murrieta/Temecula Fighting Game Players UNITE!


I thought it would be a nice idea to make a facebook page for us where once we get a few people to join we can start to actually meet up! If you’re in Murrieta/Temecula or nearby and you would be interested, LIKE THE PAGE!

Does anyone play in Temecula/Murrieta?

posting for updates.


This works lol.


Yes! Only 9 people liked the page!? I know we have more fighting game players here!


Do we have an actual date and the games that we will be playing. I dont get on my facebook so I probably wont be liking the page either but if we have a date and people are at playing at least AE or KoF then I will show up.


posting for the sake of getting uodates.


Checking in.


anything happening tonight?


Hello! Are you guys UMVC3 players?


I’m pretty sure we’ll figure out something soon.


i am! sorry for not being active but i just got done moving and finding a new job so ill be out of the scene a bit longer due to needing to make monies.

i have weekends free now for the time being so friday nights are best for me now.


I’m looking to start hosting again. Friday nights are best for me. Motion51 I texted you just now lol.


and i responded to you late last night!

but yeah im down and i have a decently mobile setup so i can bring it anywhere if need be. would be nice to play more people in umvc3 and get my ass kicked!


So what game is everyone interested in. We should probably get a head count so we can see if we are all on the same page at the least.
I will play Kof and AE probably not marvel.

I was talking to kramcakes about the comic stores and they seem like they are able to make it happen. There is currently about 5 of us and I dont know how many people the comic places want before it opens its doors to us but if we get a list of people and the games that they want to play we should be able to make it.


i like the street fighter games


I play AE. But I’ll dabble in the other games if others play it. Like Marvel, don’t mind getting my ass kicked at Marvel…

Anyway, again I’m looking to host casuals at least once, maybe twice a month. If there is enough interest I’m sure getting a list down would be easy enough. Please spread the word! When I did host we got a good amount of people to show up, quite surprising actually. Looking to do something like that again!

I also posted on the facebook page; just need some activity going so again please spread the word.


so, three day weekend coming up for some of us, anyone down to get some casuals in somewhere?


I’m down for friday nights, if wildfang doesn’t mind hosting. My main games ae but I dont mind learning marvel either lol.


Friday? Yeah I’m good with that. I haven’t played any fighting games in a while so if you don’t mind having a scrub there. I still enjoy the atmosphere and environment.


Are we talking tomorrow or fridays in general?
Also what time where you generally thinking from hosting till Wldfang.
I probably would not be able to get out until I put my daughter to sleep. So probably around 8 30.