Muscle & Fitness July Issue featuring UDON cover art

UDON’s art team Joe Ng (of Transformers fame) and Shane Law did this little project with Marvel, providing the cover THING illustration as well as a 5 page interior comic strip about superheroes and work out. Go and get a copy and check it out!! It is on the newstands now!

Also look out for their next project - a 2 issue Vampi mini-series from Harris, coming soon!

Haha…good stuff, quite a suprise to see you guys doing work for that magazine. I pick it up occasionaly, think I’ll check out that issue. Thanks for the heads up!

185 views and one respond… TSC is the only SF fan that does work-out? LOL

Just saw this,it looks great,Udoneko. Keep up the good work and much sucess in the future.