Muscle memory in terms of gaming

Has anyone ever noticed say you haven’t played a game…well for me sf3…hadn’t played it for like a good year. I didn’t remember anyone’s moves…well except the basic ryu and ken. But its funny how my hands take over and go into automatic. Like i do all my combos…then my brain catches up and starts remembering what i did.

anyone ever noticed muscle memory kicks in.

I get that a lot for MvC2. Things that I haven’t done in at least a year just seem to happen on their own before I realize I’m doing them.

That happens to me in T5.

I usually remember the gameplay to each different series. However, if i get used to a more modern release of that series, i usually get too used to the speed of that version & will end up finding the older one’s speed alot more different. This isn’t the case though if i play both versions equally.

yeah this is how people get good at fighting games, muscle memory, alot like real fighting

except some games like sfalpha give u less chance to do anything unique to get out of a “top level” situation, alot of people like this game because learning a good technique makes winning much much easier till it becomes so automatic that they can own people and not realise but also making them brain dead and learning nothing new in the process, where third strike goes wrong is people get too much freedom and people dont know what to do with freedom, but where it goes right is for those who do find out how to Create a system which has a high level of multiple alleys that leads to new systems (which alot of games fail at doing because its just too hard)

dont get me wrong alpha 3 is wicked but those are the facts when it comes to fighting games

Too much freedom to choose isn’t a bad thing.
Just means the learning curve is higher.

exactly, but the people who dont like third strike dislike it for that very reason

the more freedom you have, the more fun the game is. people create their own styles and shit, unlike cvs2 which is like all system based, especially a groove. every match is the same, 3s is cool to watch, besides chun

Muscle memory can be bad if you have bad habits. Before I started playing GG seriously, I used to do a lot of stupid things… mainly revolving around poor hit confirming.

I still struggle to rid some of my habits. :frowning:

Also, I think the best players are the players that think constantly. Even in middle of combos that are semi-automatic, there are many instances when you have to make split-second decisions especially in Guilty Gear (Damage or knockdown? Extra RC for few more points of damage? Reading bursts, etc.).

I’ve never really “forgotten” moves, in an execution sense. :confused: Though, I do agree with the bad habbit comment. Also, many times i’ll be quoting notation for something, then I’ll have to pause and execute it or some shit. I’ll know the execution, but not the notations, lol.

i wonder does muscle memory work into the affect where if someone is getting beat down say with a certain combo as they have before. Does the muscle memory kick in to avoid or are they caught again…is this something the mind and body gotta remember?

i played t5 and muscle memory kicked in for my raven combos.

too bad i was playing ling.