Muscle Memory Question


I really don’t play fighting games as much as I “should” or “want to”; fighting games are my favorite genre in all of video games next to arcade racing games and bullet hell games (Hydro Thunder and Ikaruga are fucking awesome). There are some times where I spend weeks just constantly playing a certain fighting game, then all of a sudden a different game (not even a different fighting game) in general. However, after months of not playing, everything just comes back to me like nothing happened in between time. Sure I’m rusty when it comes to reads and some fundamentals, but my combos and tricks that I use come back to me like it’s second nature, even my “extensive” (trying not to be full of myself) combos that I do with my team in UMvC3 come back to me right when I play.

Is it good to have this muscle memory and is this average for an average player?


You can never have enough muscle memory


This is common among anyone who consistently plays FGs, especially competitively.


I’m not trying to be a smart ass or anything, I really want to know; is playing once a week at a gathering for casuals or like I said in the post like a few hours each day for only one week a month “consistent” enough for this kind of muscle memory?


no it isnt, so it didnt happen

oh wait…


Honestly it just depends on the person. Some people develop muscle memory faster than others. Spending a few hours a day on your preferred fighter throughout each month instead of one week is probably preferable, but in the end it just depends on what works best for you.

Example, for me, I play UMVC for at least 2 hours a day and SF for maybe an hour. This has been my routine since about January. In turn, I have crazy second nature muscle memory in Marvel and ok between decent muscle memory in Street Fighter. So basically, in terms of effort, you usually get what you put in.




Okay thanks for all your answers, everything makes much more sense to me now. I was confused at first seeing how quickly I picked things back up, but thanks for clearing things up.


Everyone who plays consistently experiences this exact thing naturally. You’re not a unique case.

Muscle memory is a fundamental part of the learning process. Without it we’d all be fumbling around like noobs in life when it comes to the simplest things, if we somehow lost the physical coordination we learned after a mere couple of weeks of not doing a certain thing.


Yuo, your average. I can not touch my Bass or skateboard for over a year and not lose anything. I stopped playing fighting game after SFA3 and didn’t play again till SSF4 and could still do a srk.


Not true of the stricter movements i think. Those require more consistent maintenance to keep up. For example i used to be able to do Hawkeye’s Trick shot poison arrow-to-Gimlet OTG super consistently. Its tough since you’ve only got like a nano second from when they’re hit by poison tip to do the super.

Then i learned that Super scattorshot is the better OTG super in various ways and just do that now. Every now and then i’ll bust out the trick shot gimlet though(such as in corners when scattorshot would be wasted), but 7 times out of 10 i’m usually not fast enough on timing and will miss it. Been too long.


That also depends on how long you’ve been doing those. Lol ohh yea you can do a srk but try learning all your fighting games on stick 3 weeks before your ps3 goes out. 2 months later my bold canceling with dante feels smoother than ever lmao

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