Mushihime Sama Futari HRAP for 360


I love Mushihime sama futari and found one of these HRAPS for $110 shipped. It looks to me as if it comes loaded with an LS-32 and hori buttons. Is that correct? Has anyone used/seen one of these in-person?


That is right.

And black Hori Button too.
Not gray like usually seen in others.


Awesome. Thanks for the info. Now I can order these black OBSFs that have been sitting in my LL shopping cart…


Where are you getting this deal, may I ask?


a guy on the SHMUPS forum


i saw you had snatched it up >:/ lol. I love the look of that stick. I’m ordering one from playsia. Luckily I found someone on schmups selling a copy of mushi for 60 bucks WOOT.


^ saw that! I was extremely lucky to get a mint copy for $50 from another SHMUPS member. I love the game, but right now Espgaluda 2 is sucking me in…


ah, nice. My iphone version of esp 2 will have to suffice until my copy arrives lol…it’s a good port, but not the real deal :[