Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.4 now featuring Guile Luigi

I’m not sure how much SRK players keep up with amateur game development or specifically Mushroom Kingdom Fusion but within the last few days a new version of the amateur video game cross over was released and one of the new power ups is for Luigi to assume the persona of Guile. Before I continue, let me give a quick synopsis of the ‘story’.

Essentially the game is a cross over of various video game characters from Nintendo (obviously) to Sega, Capcom even Namco. The worlds of the various companies are merging together in the Mushroom Kingdom and it’s up to you to stop it. To be honest the story is kinda weak but like most Mario games, it’s pretty much an excuse to do whatever which in this case is take about 12 characters and jam them into one game and see how they play in different worlds. Just about everyone has power ups that are for different worlds like Mario can actually transform into Mega Man and have his buster and take damage like him as well. I believe this is the first update to feature powers that have nothing to do with either world (there isn’t a Street Fighter world to visit).

The power up that changes Luigi to Guile is pretty much a chibi Guile sprite which from what I’ve seen can only be obtained in the mushroom houses and the store (don’t quote me on that though, I’ve played it for like 20 minutes). The powers are pretty much the Sonic Boom as a fireball attack which as far as I know is the strongest fireball in the game past the hammer bros hammer since the sonic boom goes straight forward and kills the same type of enemies the hammer would (don’t quote me on this like I said before). The power up also allows Luigi to use melee attacks as well but I was too busy throwing booms all over the place to really test it out.

Anyhow, this is the link to the forum where the game is available to download: Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor -> Version 0.4 released!

Well that’s it from me. Have a good one and have fun chucking Destructo Disk plasma at goobas.