Mushy R Button (Wavebird)

So I just got a Wavebird off EBay, and everything works fine, but the R trigger button is kinda mushy. If I push L it’s makes a nice, hard click and is very springy, but the R button doesn’t really click and doesn’t snap like the L.

The button works fine, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if I really activated it or not. If this is something that can be fixed pretty easily I’ll open it up and do it. I’d rather not open it up if I can’t do anything about it.

Any one have any knowledge of this? Particularly for the Wavebird.

Perhaps call Nintendo if you had it for less then a year and I think you need proof of purchase.

I bought it off EBay a week ago. Will that count?

Open that sucker up. It may not be riding on the rails properly, or maybe the slidey piece on the PCB isn’t in the hole it needs to be in on the actual trigger piece. Either way, bitch the ebayer.

Just tell the seller to make you a receipt from a couple months back, then call for a “Warranty Replacement” Call (800) 255-3700. Nintendo is usually really cool about replacing there product! (They have this 12 month free from defect warranty clause). Hope that helps. If worse comes to worse, perhaps use your paypal receipt, assuming you used paypal or something of that nature.

Actually what I notice when playing it is that if I press the button in the middle off the concave it is mushy. If i press it at the back tip of the concave it feels good like the L button. Don’t know if that gives anyone an idea of what in particular is wrong. I will open it up but have to wait a week and a half for a triwing screwdriver.

Don’t open that controller yet!

I worked for eBay once upon a time, and I’ve gone through this process before for myself.

Double-check that the eBay listing does not specifically mention 1) that the R button is mushy, or 2) that the controller is “sold as-is” or that the purchase is “non-exchangable.” Assuming these criteria are not met, you have a legitimate complaint and are elligible for a replacement or refund. If the seller did cover his ass as described above, he was probably looking to rip somebody off and unfortunately you had to be that chump. Chances are, though, that he didn’t mention any of those things.

Don’t leave the seller negative feedback (yet). Remember he’ll probably leave you a negative feedback too. You have a full 90 days to do this from the date of purchase so there’s no rush. Wait until the situation described below is completed before bothering with feedback.

Open an “Item not received or significantly not as described” dispute. (If it asks you to specify, you are the latter category, of course.) Specify in your description of the situation thus far that you have not yet attempted to contact the seller, that it feels like the spring in the R shoulder button of the controller is broken, and that you’d like a replacement if possible, or a refund if not.

Mention that you’d like to avoid leaving negative feedback if at all possible. If it’s a big eBay business, it wouldn’t hurt to drop in some phrases like “Don’t worry, I understand that mistakes happen.” The seller will probably bend over backwards for you.

Once the dispute has been created, you’ll have to wait for the seller to respond. Check it every couple of days (through the “Dispute Console” in your “My eBay” page) to see if he’s answered yet.

Just respond honestly and provide any additional information as needed. I’m afraid the process can take a while, but remember that it IS working for you.

Be polite and professional. Trust me on this! The more you sound like an asshole, the less eBay wants to help you. The more you sound like a perfectly nice guy, the more eBay wants to help you. Even if the other guy is clearly a jackass, just don’t go there. It is to your benefit and he’s only screwing himself over.

If you’re following all my above advice, 99% of the time the seller will painlessly give you exactly what you want. He might ask you to send back the old controller: do so under the condition that he pays you back for the cost of shipping. Don’t close the dispute before everything has been taken care of: make sure the replacement controller works properly, make sure he paid you back for return shipping, whatever. Once everything has been settled, thank him and close the dispute as resolved.

If the seller absolutely refuses to accomodate your requests after a couple of reasonable attempts by you on-record in this dispute, escalate it to an “Item significantly not as described” claim. eBay will bring the hammer down on his ass and you’ll have your refund processed.

Worst case scenario, he doesn’t respond to the dispute at all. Eventually, the dispute will be automatically escalated to a claim and ass-hammering proceeds as described above.

(You can leave whatever feedback you deem appropriate now. I guarantee the seller will mirror whatever you gave him.)

It might take a couple of weeks but everything will work out in your favour.

If the seller told you to just keep the broken controller and you still care about fixing it, by all means follow everyone else’s advice.

Hope this helps! :smile:

The seller’s exact description is:

“You will recieve a grey gamecube wavebird wireless controller with reciever. Controller is in like new condition, i only used it a handfull of times and it works perfect.”

No return policy specified. I’d really just rather fix it if possible since I got it for a pretty good price.

I got another Wavebird off EBay and it is EXACTLY the same. Maybe it’s just how the controller is?

Most of my gamecube controllers have something wrong with them, but I fixed most of the problems with the joysticks and face buttons just by opening it up. It’s really not hard to take it apart and make sure everything fits nicely.

Because you bought it off ebay, I don’t think there is too much you can do to get a replacement, but nintendo is pretty lenient with replacing there merchandise.