Music Discussion Thread - Aaaand... the music sucks. See you next game, folks!


Music confirmed to be garbage by this video. Oh well.


Knowing the recent vs game entries, we’ll probably get character theme options (which is better than the ambient default music the backgrounds had in MvC3)


What’s your pick for X’s song? I’d go with his X4 opening stage or Storm Eagle.


^Apart from the obvious Highway stage, X3 Opening stage, X2 Fortress Stage 1, or X vs. Zero fight.


I was talking to a friend about this after the reveal trailer. I don’t feel like X had an honest-to-goodness theme song until the X4 intro stage; that is to say, I don’t think any of the intro stage tracks stood out as particularly character theme-y until then because each character had their own song.

So X4 opening gets my vote.


toxic seahorse!

armored armadillo

how you gonna talk about tvc music and not mention the greatest song in any fighting game


I’m hoping for X vs Zero from X5


Highway opening stage from the 1st MMX


I thought the trailer music was really sick…it honestly reminded me of one of the songs from Mad Max: Fury Road


I’m just hoping Iron Man and Ryu’s theme doesn’t actually suck this time around.


I hope as far as X music goes, Zero is in the game and they do X vs Zero as a VS battle theme, similar to Guilty Gear and Blazblue.


The music from the vs games generally don’t do anything for me and aren’t memorable (MvC2 the exception)… hoping they change that though.


If Morrigan gets confirmed they need to remix her MvC1 tune


I hope this theme gets used/remixed.


I want the MSHvsSF announcer to return. Listen to how hype he sounds in this intro. I want this game’s announcer to match up


If Haggar’s in he better have his Slam Masters theme


Seconding MMX highway theme as X’s theme. Maybe they could mishmash his X1 and X4 intro stage themes.


For X’s theme, I’d take any of the intro stage themes from X1-X4, though Central Highway from X1 would be preferable.

[quote=“Hawkingbird, post:7, topic:181541”]

I’m hoping for X vs Zero from X5


You know what would be nice? If they followed in the footsteps of KOF XIV and have a remix of X vs Zero playing specifically when X and Zero get matched up against one another.

Assuming Zero is in the game of course.


Morrigan confirmed. The gift that keeps on giving. Remix plz!


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For X’s theme, I’d take any of the intro stage themes from X1-X4, though Central Highway from X1 would be preferable.

Money and take my shut up

(Also if it’s not X4 Sky Lagoon, it needs to be X1 Highway. Only option’s imo)