Music Editing program

Does anyone know of any good song editing programs? Specifically something where I can speed a song up or slow a song down, and then burn it onto a CD?

Sorry for making a thread on a simple question but I know SRK is good for it. :party:

For something like that, ableton live is the way to go. It depends on how much editing you wanna do. There are free programs out there that will allow you to mix mp3s and fuck with BPM, but if you wanna REALLY edit the audio (fuck with loops, effects and such) you will want something more hefty (ableton live).

I’ve been doing producing/sound design for almost 11 years now so let me know if you have any questions.

try audacity

edit: or listen to ^ that guy

yeah i actually make mixes and everything and i use audacity to adjust bpm since protools 7 LE is kinda fucked on that.

This man speaks the truth. Just go for ableton live, it’ll handle pretty much any editing you will ever need to do.

for some reason my plebian brain cannot wrap around ableton.

i beast in reason tho.

Personally I use cubase, (even for making mixes(which is totally retarded, don’t do it)) but if I had the time I would learn live. It’s just that I can run cubase with my eyes closed now so I use it for shit that it doesn’t even excel in.

Never tried reason, but I had a buddy show it to me once. Many people swear by it.

for simple speed adjustment tasks, grab TrakAx.