Music for SFV Training

I’ve recently been hitting training mode a lot in SFV. Practicing those combos and situations over and over again to finally get gud and get used to an arcade stick.

I’ve been wondering if you guys have any music or playlist you like listening to while practicing?
I’m looking for some upbeat tunes that keep me motivated to keep practicing!

If a thread like this already exists I’m sorry, I didn’t find it.

I listening to the sounds of hungry orphans crying as they put together ps4’s with bloody fingers.


Gets me hyped for every online battle…

Go fuck yourself. Listening to music while “training street fighter” is some dopey shit. Get out of the house.

I put this on.

Not only am I ROMing and shit, I’m tearing fucking encyclopedias in half, son.

@FengShuiEnergy is about to get hit with the hammer :rofl: :rofl:

@FengShuiEnergy Preppy don’t play that shit man. Should probably undo that spam flag or you’re gonna be in the Phantom Zone with Sovi3t