Music Sharing

So if you guys know me, you know that im super into music and have a passion for discovering new artists, debating about music history, and whatnot. After having a pretty buff discussion with future, deezo, the jeffs, troy and some other peeps i decided to start this thread so we can all share some of our favorite artists with each other.

Head over to to upload any tracks you find particularly enjoyable. We have 10 gbs of space so dont be shy post as much as you possibly can, and remember, underground artists need your support if you like something you hear make sure to buy the cd.

pm me for the login information

oh nice good shit… id upload some music once i get the time.

Did somebody change the password? :S

you should honestly, skip out on the login information here. And when people are interested in posting some stuff up send them the info via PM…

Only suggesting it because there are other people besides NW’ers that pop in our forum.

Like right now, I can’t log in.

good idea frank will do that

I LOVE new music as well. So I’m open to suggestions but I will critique honestly!

As far as an immediate suggestion for you, as a fellow music enthusiast like myself, I HIGHLY recommend you go out and download / find / buy the album “And the glass handed kites” by MEW and listen to that shit from front to back. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys you should seriously set some time aside and just listen. You will be so happy you did.

Also in regards to my profile…I really really wish it would tell you what album you listen to the most… in particular the Greenday and Deathcab plays on my top artists haha. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never been ashamed of anything I’ve listened too but there is a HUGE difference between Greenday’s first album, and their latest…

I’m totally open to all genre and I’m a fan of most. So please! :slight_smile:


Not me. I’m consumed with shame.

Went ahead and made a folder with my name so that way if people were interested in stuff that I put up it’ll be easy to find.

Went ahead and uploaded some stuff that’s been grooving my soul as of late.


(J-Pop) Ken Hirai - Catch You (b-side single from his latest)
(J-pop) Ken Hirai - Candy (a single released earlier this year)
(Progressive Trance) Boom Jinx - To The Six (My record of 2009, fell in love with it the minute I heard it on Anjunabeats Vol. 7)
(Jazz??) Cat Power - Ramblin’ Woman (A cover from a bluegrass song? Heard the original and imo it sucked ass. But the cover reminds of being inside of a smokey bar if that makes any sense what so ever.)

I’m also uploading my latest Progressive Trance mix “Hazanshyu” to the few souls that have heard it (Dugg, Pat, Kriangkrai) I’ve gotten positive feed back about it, so yeah bring more if you got it.

Hook it up with this password business I gotta see what’s goin on in there

hazanshyu is dope

Of course if this thread discussed or contributed to music piracy, I’d need to lock it.

of course it isnt preppy just some friendly music suggestions :wink:

where is your folder Frank?