Music thread.

Cover of “Crazy in Love.”

I’ll contribute.

The original Canon Rock:

Somehow, an even more amazing version:

I like the first one better in terms of, well, what it is and how enjoyable it is to LISTEN to. But the second one is more impressive in terms of the fingering, and I guess would be better to listen to if you wanted to fly down the interstate at 200mph. Basically, the second one is more fun to WATCH.


Those Canon Rock mixes made me think of some other classical/operatic songs. Here are some songs/mixes from classical music or operas that most of you SHOULD have heard somewhere in life. TV, movies, video games, etc. These are the popular ones:

Pachelbel - Canon in D

the opera Carmen - Habanera

Beethoven - Fur Elise

Fure Elise + Canon in D remix on piano

Bach - Toccata and Fuge

opera La Traviata - “Drinking Song”

OF COURSE YOU’VE HEARD Beethoven - Symphony No. 5
[media=youtube]zhcR1ZS2hVo[/media] (part 1)
[media=youtube]jDar-ycF5fE&mode=related&search=[/media] (part 2)

Beethoven - Ode to Joy

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

Claude Debussy - Claire De Lune

Lakme - Flower Duet
[media=youtube]CX-6Ej2lnwg[/media] (You won’t recognize it til about a minute and a half in)

Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Mozart - Turkish March

Modest Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain

An impressive piano version of Bald Mountain
(watching this man do, by himself on a piano, what is normally performed by an entire orchestra… reminds me how awesome the piano is heh)

Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
[media=youtube]nU96Yvk310s[/media] (It’s long… and you probably won’t recognize it until the last remaining minute)

Here are the final 2 minutes of the 1812 Overture, if you don’t want to listen to the whole 15 minute version

That’s all I can think of for now. If you haven’t heard more than one or two of these, then go take a music appreciation class or watch more TV. =p

And here are just some of the places you may have heard them (ones I can think of at least):

Canon in D: Graduations, weddings, etc

Habanera: Trainspotting, other movies/shows

Fur Elise: Fry plays this on the holophoner in Futurama; movies/shows

Toccata & Fugue: A couple minutes in, this REALLY sounds similar to Orochimaru’s theme. They probably based it off this.

La Traviata: movies/shows

Beethoven’s 5th: everywhere

Ode to Joy: also many places. They play it about a hundred times in the Read or Die anime

Moonlight Sonata: Interview With the Vampire (Tom Cruise plays it); other movies/shows

Claire De Lune: End of Ocean’s 12

Flower Duet: Meet the Parents. Owen Wilson’s character is like always listening to it lol.

Night On Bald Mountain: Fantasia; “What The Heck” level of Earthworm Jim lol

1812 Overture: Fireworks shows; V for Vendetta; video montages

I love you. No homo. Unless you’re a girl, then yes hetero.

Oh, the Live Free Or Die Hard trailer had a nice rock mix of Ode to Joy about a minute in.


assorted jazz:

Word Disassociation by Lemon Demon


Sometimes you just have to realize you are taking it way too far. Doesn’t even sound like the original version, and some of the liberties he takes are kind of stupid sounding, but he is an excellent player.

you just won this whole thread, well done :slight_smile:

what’s my prize? :smiley:


lol i just remembered, there’s a cheesy sakura effect on the first vid. be warned.


Very good cover of a Hit Me Baby One More Time:

your prize is having an awesome taste in music, lol.

I seriously can’t believe I wasn’t aware of this woman before. I only clicked the link because it said chick corea. I’m now a huge fan, even though I only found out about her yesterday.:rofl:

also that sakurasakura vid is too good!

yeah i love the old girl. look for her albums… you could probably get them imported, but they’re not all that hard to find if you know where to look (though, i haven’t seen Spain on any of them).

Since I couldn’t find any music forums, guess this thread will have to do.

Can you plz recommend me some some some fast and blood pumping music? I don’t mean stuff like the 80s “eye of the tiger” or metallica or stuff like that…they make me wanna go to sleep.

Here’s a yet-to-be-released song called “Black Sheep”/“Freddie Mercury” by Metric. Recorded @ the “Virgin Music Festival” in Toronto, Canada.

Emily Haines = :lovin: