Music we hear in our head whilst on low health


That would sum me up.




I hear that aswell!

Spoiler Because I want a comeback.

But in all seriousness, this comes to mind:

Especially when the guy is just defending, I’ll just try doing the most silly crap possible hoping he’ll fall for it.


^ Thats brilliant mate.

over and over and over





or this one (go to 6:37)









Oh god I knew exactly what this was based on the picture. I need to stop watching kpop and do something with my life


Sadly, I can’t post links atm, but it’s easily Merlin Vs Morgana Duel, from the Merlin soundtrack. If you took the time to youtube the track, it would become what you hear as well. Mainly the climax. I’ve actually found that when it’s stressful I bob my head like I’m listening to a tune. Helps under pressure to stay rhythmic and calm, rather than panic. I used to flip my shit and go for gimmicky all-or-nothing tactics when low on health, but thanks to that Dee Jay rhythm I can hold that fucking trigger like Ronald Billius Weasley and not do a random Thunderbolt with Diddykins because I feel like it’s the only way to eke out a win.


I mean. I’m paying attention to the game I’m playing so.


Beats in my head, ofc.