Music while playing(does it help?)

What type of music(if any) do you listen to while you play and do you prefer certain types of music JUST for 3s?

I can see how listening to some rock and such can get you “pumped” but does anyone use the actual game sounds in their matches?

listening to music releases all the tension when i play fighting games.
works when you’re tensed up and nervous playing vs good competition, imo.

does’nt make me a better player, but it zones everything out, and helps me focus on the game without focusing TOO much. get it?

I get what your saying, usually I play best when I’m having fun(but not careless fun).

If you don’t think you need sound to hit confirm than I say go for it.

Its hard for me to parry unless I can hear the game, so no music for me

I play with the in-game music and sound on low with Army of The Pharoahs/Jedi Mind Tricks/Demigodz/Canibus/Wu-Tang blasting in the background.

demigodz hahahahaha i cant belive someone listens to that except me “crash a bike in your face and leave you with a handlebar mustache”:wgrin:

celph titled 4 prez

smoothe da hustla feat trigga da gambla - broken language is my favorite before playing tho

yea music definatly helps me focus and removes the nerves

especially if i play tekken i NEED music then since the sounds in that i find distracting.

but 3s or super turbo? nar i can play without music

what ever helps you focus is good for the match if you need your mp3 player then take it man! when i do listen to music while playing i listen to instrumental or like power metal stuff haha ^^

I like to listen to my Kenny Rogers mix tape.

gotta know when to hold um, know when to fold um…

For 3s? DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Playing at Ken’s level while listening to “Brand New Funk”? Pure win.

And I can parry with or without my own music playing. Why would you need music to help with that when your eyes are what’s seeing the hit coming? Turning the sound off shouldn’t hurt your parry game THAT bad.


I listen to the ingame sounds I have no problem with it.

I listen to this