Music While Playing?

I’ve recently taken a liking to listening to music while playing. Things upbeat and keep me hyped and on my toes. What do you guys listen to (if you do) and have any suggestions for me?

Power and instrumental metal;
Or Devy.

Thanks saiko…ya scrub. Get on xbl

I also like instrumental things, saltillo, animals as leaders, scale the summit, explosions in the sky, and some other stuff like btbam, children of nova, cynic…I suggest all of these :smiley: if you like and want more let me know

Various classical music. Helps my scrubby ass think critically while playing.

BGMs from the Transformers '86 movie, the MvC3 ost, and this:


Instrumentals all the way for me.
Senko no ronde/Wartech
Composer: Yasuhisa Wantanabe

This thread is going to turn into “look at this super obscure shit I listen to/I only listen to classical” very quickly.

Also, the game’s sound effects factor pretty heavily into my reaction times. I play worse with music on.

While I don’t have an habit to listen to music while playing matches, some character themes make me play better sometimes. Some cases that comes to mind: Hugo theme in 3S, ST Rog and Claw themes, A2 Akuma and Bison themes, Garou: Rock, Billy Kane theme etc.

EDIT: Oh yeah! A3 Guy’s theme, man I hit every combo while I listen to that. I don’t do that anymore, maybe I should get a playlist or something.

i have to be able to hear assist calls other sound cues from the game. if im playing at home, ill replace the ingame music with my own but i don’t really like playing music over the sound effects.

EYE OF THE TIGER from Rocky 4.
during CvS2 Training mode.


I have an affinity towards classic r&b. Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo soundtracks too. I guess anything that makes me feel…

I listen to podcast & satellite radio when I play. No joke.

I listen to the in game music.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Wu-Tang when I play lately

I usually listen to hip-hop instrumentals, MF DOOM, Madlib, J dilla, stuff like that. But only when training, when I’m actually fighting others I play with the in-game music!