Music while training

Hey what’s up guys… i was wanting to get your list of some good music while training, considering it does get boring. Music will definitely help.

I listen to Hip-hop, some rap, i’m very selective about the rock/metal/death metal that i listen to, and sometimes industrial music.

If someone could give me some good hip-hop or rap suggestions, i’d appreciate it. Heavier beat music would help me keep rhythm in learning combos etc.

Thanks for your replies.


Nah for real though, I listen to mostly Drum & Bass.


:rofl: ha this song is jokes

and i listen to Samurai Champloo OST or in simpler terms Calm mellow music… i dont get as mad when i listen to it :wgrin:


That or anything XP8 or Rotersand related :slight_smile:

Personally I listen to drum and bass or trip hop when I’m messing about in training mode. Stuff like [media=youtube]Q6D0CX3C9dE"[/media]

i was thinking about making a thread just like this. for me, my playlist has alot of hip-hop/rap. i listen to alot of Lil Wayne, mainly his mixtapes. i have some Draft Punk on there too and dont forget about some cool anime tune.

Massive Attack comes to mind… not a bad idea… “I Against I” has got to be one of the best battle songs known to man…

The ken masters song was awesome. And… yea… i cant help but have a guilty soft spot for wayne, but i’m trying to keep it to good rap/hip-hop. Even though he does throw a fresh punch line or 2… and he’s got good flow… but that’s all he’s got. Content, Theme, ability to stay on subject, a lot of aspects that makes good rap/hip-hop good, he lacks drastically.

Deltron 3030/Illmatic, prime examples of great/amazing hip-hop albums


[media=youtube]YlLqfQ88Agw"[/media] :tup:


[media=youtube]dyDTL0I9Fm0[/media] this one is hype’er.

I love stuff like this, and yet I have so very little of it in my collection.

Anyway, to answer the question, I’m rarely in training mode, which might explain my inconsistent play (decent one day, *****y the next). I’d like to not look like a bona fide clown in the lobbies of Super, so maybe that should change. When I’m playing for experimental puproses, it’s usually against someone online. So yeah… when playing SFIV (any mode), I just listen to its music.


i dont bother with throwing in other music… i’m stuck with training stage :), the Alt esp since i set meters to infinite.

I listen to [media=youtube]J6yShu3mHp0"[/media] nonstop and i play like a pro.

I like to kick out the jams in training mode.


I listen to Barry White.