Musicbrainz = gone... what now?

Anybody know any programs that can do the same thing that musicbrainz tagger did? it sorts, tags, and organizes your MP3 files with literally the touch of a button.

what do you mean by gone? i never used it before but i wish i did.

the service was canned in february. any albums that came out after that aren’t in the database

for all of your OLD mp3s, you can still use it… but yeah, if the mp3 came out after feb 08, it will automatically name it some stupid thing or wont name it at all…

the nine inch nails ghosts… it was asking me stuff like… "is this jay -z ? "
fucking gay…

but yeah, it works for older stuff…

google musicbrainz tagger

this is what it looks like…

How about the Picard tagger?

does it work? i couldn’t figure out what to do.

I use foobar2000 for anything audio. It’s not a dedicated tagger but it tags files pretty fast using freedb2. After that you can have it sort your files based on your tags.

I wouldn’t really know how it compares to musicbrainz since I’ve never used it.

Tag and Rename works great for me. but i’ve never used musicbrainz either.

Hey the PIcard tagger is very confusing I just uninstalled it :stuck_out_tongue: So messy it is nothing like Musicbrainz

yeah picard is confusing as hell.

I use a combination of Picard and foobar2000, and have no problems at all. Musicbrainz has new albums in it, works fine here.

Drag your album into the ‘new files’ bit
If there are some tags, select a file after it has been processed and click the button down the bottom saying 'lookup’
This will open a page in your browser which performed a search for the song details
Find the album you are looking for
Click the green ‘tagger’ image/link
Album details are now imported into Picard
Drag the files in Picard onto the album
If it automatically links them all up, then sweet, click 'save tags’
Otherwise you have to drag the songs on individually and then click ‘save tags’

Personally I thought the standard tagger was useless and horrible, different strokes I guess.

Sounds a lot more long-winded than it really is.
You can also put the cd in and perform a cd lookup if that’s easier.