Musicians Thread

I searched, but couldn’t find a thread for this.

What instruments do you play?

What kind of gear do you roll?

What kind of music do you make?

I play guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, vocals, and a touch of keys.

My main guitar is an Electrical Guitar Company Series 2 prototype. Acoustic is a 60’s Gibson LG-1. Bass is a Kala U-Bass - a 20" scale bass with polyurethane strings that sounds like an upright - it’s crazy cool.

Gear is an Orange Bass Terror 500 into an SWR Henry the 8x8, ABY’d with a Red Bear Cub 50 combo with a 70’s 2x15 Acoustic Control 408 extension cab. Musket fuzz, Green Big Muff, 976-Kvlt, Eau Claire Thunder pedals.

I play weird sludge doom drone stuff:

And dark folk things that aren’t recorded.