Muslim culture understanding promoter beheads wife

Western New York man found guilty of beheading wife | Reuters

Imma give this thread about an hour before mod lock/implosion.

Although, to be fair, it is hard to argue with it being anything but fact.

But it’s one of those ugly facts, like Appalachian incest, that doesn’t usually bode well as a topic of discussion in an open forum occupied by the standard 09er and other people of said caliber.

As I see it.

I’ll take the under. Along with the over on 100 replies when it happens.

Did he do this in NYC? Or in Middle Easternstan?

Unless every single Muslim goes on tv and condemns this, I’ll be forced to conclude that they all do it and love it. Those savages need to accept my nearly identical religion to achieve salvation.

Media runs nothing but stories demonizing Muslims.

Wonder why society is intolerant.

You can’t get upset or post this, he was a brown person and Islamic, this is a racist thread.

/progressive off

Hey, hey now!

Islam is a religion of PEACE.

He was just trying to spread some peace, but got the homonym confused.

And the number.

As I see it.

If only they knew how foolish they looked.

How do you behead someone in self defense?

Well, he’d also stabbed her 40 times before that…I assume she just kept nagging him.

Like a Samurai on the field of battle.

Nobody ever said war wasn’t marriage.


As I see it.

i’m pretty sure there was a thread about this when it first happened, but needless to say muslims are ridiculous. no caveats.

and yeah, this thread is getting ridiculous post haste.

John Cena sucks!

At least he doesn’t go around decapitaing his wife.

As I see it.

I like where this thread is going

Let me throw in my 2 cents and say Back to the Future 3 is a good movie

If you aren’t white and christian, gang grape can be self defense. Now go sit in the corner and get called a bigot 30x in a row.

It was a tribal killing, we have to be tolerant and undersand it.

If you are white and christian, slavery and genocide are ok as long as you apologize and give the victim a day of remembrance.

And ya you know… It’s 2011 and most slavery doesn’t really exist anymore… Unless you are the bride of a muslim wedding.

Ball is in yo court, Kobe!

John Cena sucks!