MUSOU: X,X,X,X,Y Edition


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Musou games are those monotonous, large-scale button-masher games we all know and love. Well, we all know them, at the very least.

Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, FotNS, Warriors Orochi, and more to come.

I need some people to play WO3 with on XBL. Gamertag: Vizince


Oh, THAT’S what Musou is


I have Ken’s Rage on 360 lol. I love that game


I wasn’t crazy about it, but it seemed like a good game for the fans. I’ve only seen the anime film. I did love that, though. I just got back into the franchise for the first time in years. Before WO3, my last Musou game was Dynasty Warriors 5.


I like the customization. It’s awesome to go back to earlier levels and just drop 50 dudes with a single punch :nunchuck:


One Piece Musou coming out very soon :rock:


I wish these games resonated with the western audience more. It’s PSN exclusive, isn’t it? The price of WO3 just dropped to $30 on the 360, but we never got DW7 XL.



that sounds too awesome


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I think you mean “musou”

this is musuo


It might have got swept up in the great purge of the bot threads.
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i have samurai warriors 2 xtreme legends and warriors orochi 2 and i have to say i like SW2XL better than WO2.
1-the special skills really add depth to each character. i’ll give one character the spring skill, while nother will get evade, while another…bombardment.
2-the evade button.
i can’t tell you how this button makes the game so much more complex than warriors orochi.

i was disappointed with WO2 when i discovered that there’s no evade button. so…if you get hit you just get manmgled by the mob coz there’s no freaking way to get out of the juggle. also, sometimes a general will block everything and just wait till your combo is over only to teken combo your ass right into red health.
with evade, after you fail to get a hit with your combo, you just roll the ell out before the crowd’s mayhem on your ass begins.

it really sux coz WO2 seemed like it was gonna be 1000x better than SW2. duel mode, 90+ playable characters, 3 character teams being able to switch in & out mid combo.

i thought this game was gonna blow SW2 outta the water. but they never implemented the evade button featured in the SW series.
and THAT was their biggest design flaw.
the lack of being able to ninja gaiden roll evade really diminishes the skill/fun level and turns WO2 into something way too button mashy for my taste.

lastly, imo,




Wow that looks phenominal

too bad it’s PS only :sad:


lol yea the new one piece DW does look pretty fun, im still on the fence about getting the bleach on since its only one player.


What the fuck is with Namco Bandai not releasing games on xbox?

They did it with some of their Tales games as well.

I wish Koei could release it to us.


Bleach: Soul Resurrecion is shit. Don’t buy it.


-Attack strings are very, very limited
-Difficulty is spiky as fuck (most boss special attacks are unblockable + auto-homing after cinematic, and do OMGWTF damage)
-Leveling takes fucking forever


The fuck happened to the old thread? I spent nearly 3 hours looking for it just to find out it got deleted. SMH

Anyway if anybody wants to do co-op on WO3 I’m down. GT is in the sig. If you add me though, just let me know that you’re from SRK. I don’t add random ppl.


So, after DW5, I got pissed at where the series went with 6. I just read that 7 came out and I’m thinking of buying it, but I still got some issues coming from 6.

First of all, did they get rid of the retarded combo system they had in 6?
Also, did they bring back the “every character has his unique weapon” thing they had going from 1 to 5? Got really pissed at the generic weapons from 6 and Strikeforce, and I’ve decided to boycott every single one of their games until they fix that shit.

  1. The combo system went back to how it was in 2-5, with a few tweaks. Every character has an EX move. The place of it differs from player to player. The move is either an extra attack (i.e Xiahou Dun releases a wave of flame) or a type of powerup (i.e Diao Chan’s attack and attack speed increases for like 10 seconds). Also they got rid of the musou meter with a pod like thing. You can get up to 2 pods to store the musou attack in each one. (3 using special means). They kinda of went the SW route with slowing down time during the attack.

  2. Bad news?

[*]There are cloned movesets like in 6.

Good news?

[]Attack properties are altered: Think, Ryu, Ken and Sakura
]Every character gets two weapons: they are both interchangable
[]Musou attacks and EX moves are unique unlike in 6
]Only about a third of the cast are affected by it


I don’t mind cloned movesets as much as the lack of unique weapons.

Does Zhen Ji still have her flute?
Does Cao Pi still have his dual swords?
Does Diao Chan still have her thingies?
Does Sun Ce have his Tonfas?
Does Zhang He have his claws?
Does Guan Ping still have his giant bleach blade?

If everyone is swinging generic weapons, then I can’t really see myself digging it.