Must I show up at 8am?


Hey guys, quick noob question… I used the player check in and found my first match is at noon. Do I need to show up before then? I plan to arrive at about 9-10am. I just want to make super sure that I will be ok doing that and I don’t need to be there any earlier.


No, u just need to be at your pool at noon. It’s best to be a little early just in case. Of course if u want ur badge or w/e that’s probably a diff story.


Does not showing up early affect us getting a badge? I thought that if we paid for it we get it. Is this not true?


You can pick up your badge between 2pm-8pm Thurs, 8am-10pm Fri, or 8am-10pm Sat. You only need your badge for priority panel seating and ballroom access on Sunday.