"Must I team with these unsavory beasts?"The Vega Team Synergy Thread

unsure on specific formats for vega? need to know who to pair vega with? need some advice on who to pair vega with?

discuss who has the privilege of teaming with vega here

I’ll really have a difficulty with this game because of this. Cause how can you instantly adapt to another character coming in during the game? I’ve always ran away from team fighting games but this time Vega is in, and so am I. Anyway, this is of course my prejudice, maybe I won’t have any problems.

I’ve always wanted a Vega/Rolento team, Rolento being my second fav. char after Vega, but seeing now everyone picks Rolento, maybe I’ll go for someone else. Yoshimitsu, Ogre, Lili and Poison are interesting and possible teammates.

As Vega is a char who excels in non-close mid-range fight, the teammate must be a close-combat char. The two must complete each other. So in this sense, Rolento and Yoshimitsu gets out.

And as Vega’s ST still sucks (people said so), then a char with a great anti-air is a must. The makes Poison more suitable as it seems impossible to cross her up with that AA special.

The huge and slow but damaging style of Ogre is just contrary to what Vega is, so they are again completing each other in that sense.

And Lili is the female version of Vega in the beauty obsession aspect (“Let’s get beautiful”), and she is damn interesting and damaging. (Trial 17)

But of course I’m just talking out of my ass here. I don’t even own the game yet.

Just cause he was a really bad match up for me in sf4 I’m thinking Rufus.

I’m currently trying out Vega/Hugo (Beauty and the beast lol) and Vega/Hwoarang…Vega and Hugo feel pretty legit so far since Vega’s walk speed can cover ground for Hugo.

Games not out in the UK yet, but you can bet I’m going Vega x Bison all day.

Currently we have Dhalsim/Vega from one really skilled player - Sabin , some of his casual matches

However, he used Vega might be just as complementary for Dhal, I think

I first played Vega / King when I played.

have no idea how to play king and there are probably better team combos but w/e. I bet Rolento is a perfect fit.

there’s alot im going to experiment with but for now im eyeing at least 5 chars to start out with…preferably tekken chars law,king, and hworang

vega/king work well together from my experience

i actually play Vega/Juri. They seem to have a very good synergy. I always have her as an anchor because she does massive damage and can combo out of her dive kick and cr. hp which is perfect if you tag cancel when vega hits with ST or FBA. Plus, the are both out of their minds and vega admits she is pretty(evil beauty incarnate are his words lol) so the story synergy is definitely there too.
I dont have a capture card but I can post some makeshift videos later of the nastiness they can do together.
I am ashamed to admit that I have had the game a couple days lol but it has given me time to test stuff out.

Gonna be Vega/Elena when she is released, but i dunno who i’ll pick to start. Probably poison, or Xiayou

While I haven’t received SFxT yet, I plan to try the following teams:
Vega/King (Beauty and the Beast you could say :P)

Vega x Hwoarang here hoping they are the fastest character.

I might just stick with my two fav characters from both games Vega from SF and Steve Fox from Tekken.

I’m playing Vega/Ogre at the moment; both Cross Rush and Cross Arts seem to do more damage with Vega starting. But what are good ways to follow up Cross Rush or Launcher with Vega? I’m having trouble with anything more complicated than a LP-MP-HP chain.

I’m thinking Vega Poison.
I also wanna try Vega with Lili.

My cousin plays bison so we team up with Vega Bison.

My bro plays Guile and I find it nice to just slowly whittle away health and dominate the air with air throws.

2nded. I wonder if Vega’s RCF (heavy) is long enough for Juri to charge her fuhajin + do a jump in attack. Need to play more to find out. Any tag combos to share for this team?

My current longest combo using Vega x Juri will be:

(Vega) jf.HP, cl.HP, c.LP, c.MP xx LP RCF xx tag(use meter), (Juri) c.LP, st.LP, (chain: st.LK, c.MK, st.HK, st.HK)(tag), (Vega) c.MP, MK ST.

I use J.HP-ST.HP-Cr.MP-ST.HP-Launcher for my launcher combo. The two stand fierce in one combo looks brutal.

I’m liking the Balrog/Vega team currently

EDIT: my toughest matchup thus far is Rolento…oh lawd

So far my Vega/Hwoarang team is doing decently, I wish Hwoarang was more like Adon (Hwo needs better pokes and walk speed) while Vega rarely uses meter Hwo uses it for damage.