"Must Know" Option Selects for Gen?



The actual option select thread didn’t help. So I guess a new thread could be needed? It would ne nice to compile options selects, both universal and for Gen in general.

Does anyone have any to share with a guy that more or less knows 1 option select?


Am trying to find the thread on Gen OS but I can’t seem to find it. It’s very old so it may have been lost in the SRK purge awhile back unfortunately.

Anyway any Gen should use c.lk + c.lp + c.hk on wake-up against characters that have bad wake-up options (read: no srk) and when doing your bnb combos you can always do this OS aswell to press that extra button for c.hk while your doing your blockstrings just incase.

Another one I really like to use is after the forward throw safejump: dash x2> crane j.hp/crane U1 OS. So the merit of this is that if you jump and do j.hp and input the OS for the ultra aswell, and the opponent simply blocks you will just do the j.hp, if he does anything else, like a uppercut he will be caught by the ultra.


Let’s not forget the good ol’ jump OS c.HK on wake-up offense. If you jump at a smart distance so that the you make reversals whiff your sweep will whiff (against SRKs) and you’ll recover first to punish with TC2 gekiro. Catches backdashes as well since Gen’s sweep has a long range.

I think the only OS exclusive to Gen is focus stance change OS backdash.


That’s what I meant actually lol, poorly worded though.


ok, time to learn OS… I’ve always been too lazy to do it, but these advantages sound really good


Yeah I never really learned true OS. So if anyone posts any must know OS, I’ll update the first post with it.


Rufus specific OS against his divekicks: c.lk > c.lp + c.mp (in crane)

If he divekicks and tries to throw it’ll tech, if he repeats divekick the c.mp will hit him out of it. I believe there are some variations on this one though, but I use this one.


I’m sure you mean c.lk > c.lp + c.hk. Just wanted to clarify.

Note that this doesn’t work on characters that has fast backdash (Fuerte, Cammy, Chun, Rose) so replace c.hk with c.mp against them.


If you make your cr.LK meaty or at least close to it you can make it work against Chun, Rose and Vega. As you said, against Fuerte and Cammy it’s best to use cr.MP.

There is one OS I thought up right now (cannot test it as I’m at work):
cr.LK -> very fast cr.MK -> very fast cr.MP xx hands

The way I would input this would be: index cr.LK -> middle cr.MK -> middle cr.MP xx hands to prevent focus attack.

If they block or get hit, you’ll get TC1 hands. If they backdash, you’ll not get cr.MK, but cr.MP will hit them and it will cancel into hands. The problem will be focus backdash as I’m pretty sure cr.MK part of TC1 will either whiff or reset them during backdash. Whiff is fine, but reset and then cancelling into hands will give them a free DP. Not sure if it will even connect if they decide to block.

Special thanks to Keyboard Gen for mentioning cr.MP.


Only one I really use is after a safe jump on certain characters after a forward throw. Double dash, n.j crane j.hp while option selecting either super or ultra. Varies based on the character and some aren’t too reliable. And then some characters it works amazing. Like honda.


Copy pasted from another thread, credit goes to Keyboard Gen

Wake-up option select mantis U1

Closest range meaty cr.lp - Mantis Ultra (Sample video)
(Input I used: Down - DownForward - LP - Down - DownForward - Forward - PPP)

These reversals trigger the ultra and get beat.

[LEFT]Makoto: EX Oroshi (Overhead)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Seth: Any backwards teleport - Ex spin kick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sakura: EX Shouken[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Yun: Light DP (Up kicks) (Must be cr.lp)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]C. Viper: EX Seismo (Must be cancelled before ultra is activated to block) EX Burn kicks (Far).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Bison: EX Scissor Kicks (Hardly anyone uses this on wake up though)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Deejay: EX Machine Gun Uppercut[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cody: EX Zonk (Bingo Punch)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hakan: EX Slide[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Zangief: EX Banishing Flat[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rufus: EX Messiah[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Balrog: Turn Punch[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rose: EX Spiral[/LEFT]
This OS can (must be meaty) catch backdashes of all characters except Chunli, El Fuerte, Rose, Cammy, Adon, Balrog, Makoto. Cody’s backdash is possible to punish even though it has same duration as Adon’s. (I’d say anything below 26 frames can’t be punished reliably. At least for me.)
[LEFT]Non-meaty cr.lp can punish some moves that meaty cr.lp can’t. Didn’t test them through… …Burn kick, Rufus’s DP, El Fuerte’s DP some teleports.[/LEFT]


I usually use mantis j.mk OS mantis U1 to catch backdashers, Cody (EX Zonk), Rose (EX Spiral), Chun (EX SBK) and Honda (EX Headbutt on read). I recommend it on a frontal safe jump setup.