Must knows for CapCom players



Got anything? I just started using him. I traded him in for storm since I can’t do anything I could at the arcade so I’m stuck playing it on DC.

Any air combos, strats would be very useful. thanks :looney:


errr? traded for storm? what do you mean by that? as an assist dude? hell storm+CC is a good team. -> corridorXXCaptain Sword… or just do the corridorXXCaptain Sword thing.

well, indeed this is a Capcom thread. When falling from a sj. try to do hk. does wonders sometimes.


J hp has alot of priority, abuse it.

HK throw does crazy damage when mashed.

Hoovar has no uses that I’ve seen.

Sent drones is a great assist for him.

I’ve seen players use Jennety to groud break.

Sho is IMO the best commando strike.

#4 c.fp super with the kicks, don’t know what its called. When I play commando alone, I use that ninja, flying mummie for chip and sometimes the baby on the rocket.


oh yeah, and the mummy is a good gaurd breaker.


crouching fk—>capt corridor----->captain storm in the corner connects if they dont roll and you do it fast. As in while theyre bouncing from the impact of the corridor.


they actually dont have to be in the corner, just the side of the screen.


If he is your last character.

Jump back fierces ALL DAY.

You can (attempt) to tick throw him too with into his Kick throw (which glitches out if you mast helluh)

Uh, if they try to rush you, say with Magneto or Sentinel…Ninja (qcf+lk) Commando and Mummy Command (qcf+HK) are really good. Uh, Baby commando (qcf+ lk+hp) if timed right stuffs Hail Storm.

Wave Dash mix up helps too so you can hit confirm, cr.hp xx Captain Storm (qcf x’s 2 with kicks)

A lot of people turtle when it’s 1 on 1. so jump in fierces help a lot too cause sometimes you can make it act as an over head.



Jump forward fierce sometimes to mix it up.

I’m being sarcastic. Kind of. :slight_smile:


I’d actually say that captain fire is a much option in that situation.


No, it’s not. If they block Captain Fire you probably just died.


j.lp is his best move for air to air combat, so if you feel somebody is going to try jump you, you can try to j.lp, dash under for combo. jump back fp all day really onlly works if you have an assist. i mean really…if all you have is capcom left and they have 2 characters left…i wud juss watch u, maybe throw fireballs or something xD

the rub with capcom is that he CAN comeback sometimes, it just requires KNOWING what the opponent is going to do…lets face it, you need to land capcom blast to the sword to comeback lol. sometimes the only way to do that vs a halfway good opponent is to leave yourself completely vunerable and then cancel to the sword of doom.

other decent tactics against decent players are using the different versions of captain fire xx captain sword. the fp version combos and does GREAT damage BUT is rollable actually on reaction, but your eyes have to be trained for the combo really…if they haven’t seen it done a lot they wont notice or think about rolling. after you have the opponent thinking about that combo, you can get the lp fire xx sword out which resets cuz it doesn’t knock them on their back and can be blocked xD very ghetto but i mean…haha, what are you supposed to do, you ahve CAPCOM =_=

sometimes if i can get them to block a close s.lp, i either go for rh throw (which everybody is looking to break for some odd reason), or c.rh. the c.rh is for the people looking to break this throw with a passion. after the c.rh dont automatically pound the ground, wait to see if they rolled, if they didn’t then do it, but c.rh autopound = death if rolled.

hope this helped =_=


I can see that. But I never use the baby becuase I found it horribly unsafe. I mean, it’s been a while since I used it, however…


The one great thing about the baby is that once it explodes, mando can instantly block. Unlike his other ninjas. If the qcf+lk or qcf+rh ninja get taken out of the air, mando is still in recovery frames but not for the baby.

It makes for a great relayer tool because most assist will stop the baby allowing mando to follow up that projectile. However, if your opponent is smart enough to simply move around the baby, that tactic becomes useless but it does come in handy @ times. Mando needs every tactic available to him.


Assist 2 is the best color.



i find doing,, c.hp, captain fire, captain sword

more reliable then using captain corridor because if u dont do it fast enough the corridor will launch them too high and when u do captain sword u will only add on like 3 points of damage lol.

i think its rollable, but i still use this if i get in a clean hit on the ground


The damage is good but this is definately rollable. It probably won’t work more than once against anyone who knows what they’re doing.

To get full hits out of captain sword after a corridor, cancel the corridor as late as possible. Maybe it’s just a psychological thing but I find that this helps.


One thing he can do is Hk throw backwards onto drones when he’s in the corner (don’t mash the Hk throw) drones hit and push them into the corner again where you can do hp, hk into super or aircombo.

Good to use sometimes instead of a guard break - do Mummy, move close, Call drones and grab.


you can do captain firexxcaptain sword and DHC after you get the full damage



his s.hp beats out a lot of meter building strats…

dont’ do his spin kick, as it’s almost entirely useless unless you’re just doing it to look flashy…

c.hp xx cap storm
c.hp xx qcf+lk is godlike. every combo, whether you hit or not should end with that… it’s a really good way to keep him safe… they block a launcher? just do qcf+lk.