Must Read Titles

Okay, so I’m getting into comic books again after a long sabbatical and here are the titles that I always stick to:

Walking Dead
Y the Last Man
Ex Machina
The Goon
100 Bullets (it’s okay for me)
AllStars Superman
Supreme Power

Anything else to add guys? DC and Marvel are such fuck fests in terms of organization…I don’t even know were to start in that shit. I’ve read road to civil war and all that stuff…that’s pretty much it. Titles that are reccomended to me:

The Boys (Ennis)
World War Hulk (can i get a checklist for this?)
New Spiderman (post civil war, can I also get a checklist for this?)
New Ironfist
Lone Ranger
Dark Tower (S. King)

What else? Other strong life changing reccomendations? I need to catch up before Comic Con so I can masturbate all over my favorite writers and artists.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Superman Confidential
Uncanny Xmen
Ultimate Spiderman

I’m sure that I missed out on some other stuff I read, but that’s all I could think of at the moment.

I’ll agree to this and add Nova, Iron Fist, Captain America.
As for WWH I think if you check out the World War Hulk thread you might find a link to a checklist careful of spoilers though.

Detective Comics whenever Paul Dini writes it.

Spider-Man - I read all Spider-Man titles and enjoy all of them, Friendly is my favorite (the three titles are Amazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Sensational Spider-Man) but now is kind of a funny time to be jumping into Spider-Man.

Because One More Day is coming soon and after that storyline, only title they will have is Amazing Spider-Man that will ship 3 times a month instead of having 3 titles, different artists and writers, storyline’s gonna span 3 issues, joints gonna be like 52 in that there will be no way for you just to buy one Spidey comic from what I’m understanding. And we don’t know who the creative teams are. I’d say wait until the dust clears.

You want Spidey? Read New Avengers, Spidey’s in that and it’s a great book besides while the rest of the Spidey titles are about to go into their major shake up…

If you just want the Spidey stuff after Civil War I have no doubt in my head that just about any vendor at the con could help you out with that, it’s just the Spidey titles marked Civil War on up…

punisher max


for nova latern corps and stuff where should i start? that shit was mad confusing that’s why i avoided it some shit with like hal being the spectre or some shit or fuckin kyle being OA or imperiex i don’t even know where to begin

is there a marvel zombies 2 yet?

the back issues (vol3?) shouldn’t too hard to find, i would just say start from issue # 1.

Daredevil for sure.

There’s a Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness crossover I believe.

Supreme Power

Available in trade paperbacks:

I gave up on American comics after these series ended. Starman is hands-down the best superhero comic ever written. Transmet is extremely entertaining and thought-provoking. Both series ended because the creators decided it was time to wrap up the series, which is always a good sign. The American comics market is very cyclical in my experience. The ending of Transmet and Starman felt like the ending of another great era in comics for me.

I would recommend Deadenders as well, but only one trade paperback was ever released. The series was not very popular, but damn is it great. Very alternative and dark. It ended abruptly and left me feeling very sad. The ending, though unexpected, was beautifully done.

I would recommend Invincible but you already have it up there…in that case…read Daredevil. The book is absolutly fantastic. Trust me.

I second that recommendation. (Finally found my back issues and reread 'em recently) :lovin:

Everyone needs to catch Irredeamable Ant-Man while they can. Best Ant-Man period. And reminds me of a few people from GD (myself included).

Also I recommend
Punisher MAX
Buseik’s run on Conan
Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic Four

For Nova, check out Annihilation, either the back issues, the cheap Annihilation Saga one shot, trades (coming out in fall) or HCs or just try to start at issue 1.

Green Lantern Corps, the best place to start might be Green Lanturn: Reborn mini. Then just pick out the back issues of the GL Corps book. Although, I think if you want to jump in right after the Sinestro Corps special, it wouldn’t be that bad. You just got to know the principal players.

Marvel Zombies 2 is this fall I believe, I saw mention of it in the latest solicits.


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Exiles man…, Exiles

Great stuff, rotating cast of cool characters, Blink…

It’s like Sliders crossed with Quantum Leap…+ Blink. :slight_smile: