that was hela sick. i added it to my favs.

That was pretty awesome. I wonder how they did that paper eating shit? :cool:

Awesome. Creepy, and awesome.

how do u plan that?

That was cool! Thanks for the link.

About the paper eating: you just animate it like everything else. Stick it on the wall, take picture, reposition it so it follows the tongue, take picture, scrunch it up/tear pieces of/both, take picture, until there is nothing left.

About the planning: sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. This is straight ahead animation, meaning you just start with a drawing and go from there, in stead of first figuring out keyposes and then drawing what happens inbetween.
Using straight ahead this could actually have been improvised, though it’s pretty hard not to let the animation become stale, or not to run out of ideas.

Probably they came up with these random ideas of what was going to happen, drew them out on storyboards, maybe timed it, then searched for the right locations. Maybe searching for the locations and coming up with the ideas went hand in hand.

I can imagine they did a couple of tests too, before actually animating the final piece.