MvC 1: Infinites


Can anyone tell me infinites with any character that has one in Marvel vs Capcom 1?


I don’t know much at all about MvC 1 but i do know one inf which is very easy…

War Machine (j jab, j strong, j Up+fierce)xN…

as i said i’m a n00b at the game and the only set ups i know are j up+roundhouse then inf or just jump right into the inf.


Was MvC1 considered “broken?”


People are actually still interested in this game. Do any of you know how to do an air combo without having to tap LP+MK?


There are only a couple of infinites in MVC1.

Gambit: combo into a kinetic card, then dash in and repeat Jab, short, jab, short, jab, short, etc. the opponent will stay suspended above he ground.

Chun Li: hit standing Jab, short, roundhouse, super jump up and hold down, jab, short, strong, forward. The forward will be her stomp on the head move, and then you can start the series over. The timing is really hard on this one and only goes to about 50-60 hits before you hit the ceiling. But right after the stomp hits tap jab and go from there.

Red venom: is just re jumping fierce, roundhouses

War machine: he has several infinetes because of his reliable air dash. : (in the corner) Standing jab, short, forward, down and fierce, then smart bombs. dash in and start again with jab, short, forward, down fierce, smart bombs. continue.

(Fly on the ground) Short, forward, airdash towards and short, forward, repeat until fly runs out and then you can do the above infinite if you want.

Standing short, roundhouse, superjump up fierce, air dash down and up fierce, then start the infinite, (jumping jab, strong, up fierce) the timing is slower than in MVC2 and you can also do the japanese setup as well if you know how. but the first one does more damage.

Last but not least: crouching jab, strong, standing roundhouse, super jump up, fierce, air dash up, jab, up firece, fly, short, up fierce, (air dash up and towards, jab, up firece) repeat in parenthesis until fly runs out or you do a shoulder cannon right at the end.

damn this was a long post.



dash in, clp, clk, cmp, shk, sj, delay a little, lp, lk, mp, mk, d+hk, hk, land, clk, smp, cancel mp with down, [slp, smp, cancel mp with down,] repeat in brackets.
That one is really hard to pull off consitantly.

activate super speed mode. [dash in, clp, clk, cmk, chp,] repeat in brackets.
Super easy.


This is a juggle infinite. You can also set it up by dashing behind a jumping opponent and hitting them with it.

Timing is not that hard actually, once you find the rhythm to it it’s pretty easy, but getting that rhythm going on the fly can be hard. I know image did it every fucking time though.

He has three: the rejump infinite, the Venom infinite (launch, slowly sj.jab, sj.short, sj.forward, sj.rh for 1 hit, land and repeat), and the corner OTG infinite (c.short, c.fierce, then c.forward, c.fierce xN. You can set it up off of Venom Web or finish the Venom infinite with sj.fierce in the corner).

I know that one is fairly difficult. You have to aim the smart bombs back, if I remember correctly.

You can’t do the Japanese setup, because WM’s airdash has lag in MvC1. At least, I’m pretty sure.

This is the most common WM infinite, and I usually saw it done (and do it) with jab, strong, up+fierce. You can keep it going by either uncomboing it with fly-unfly (hard) or being in unfly mode, deactivating flight, up+fierce, airdash UF jab strong up+fierce, fly, start infinite again (hard also). You can also set it up similarly off any connected up+fierce the same way.

Pretty comprehensive, although you missed a few: the Wolverine crouch cancel infinite (already described), the Venom infinite (see my notes for RV), and the Shadow Lady infinite (c.fierce, SJ.cancel, AD sj.rh, land, repeat. Fucktardedly hard.)


Cool cool thanks alot people can anyone tell me an infinite with strider or hulk or orange hulk or spiderman if he has one.


dont really think anyone has found out spidermans infinite but dtrider has one i think against onslaught just like against sentinel in mvc2 and orange hulk does too but i just dont know it



dash in, clp, clk, cmp, shk, sj, delay a little, lp, lk, mp, mk, d+hk, hk, land, clk, smp, cancel mp with down, [slp, smp, cancel mp with down,] repeat in brackets.
That one is really hard to pull off consitantly.

Actually this doesnt work but nice try. :confused: the ground infinite does work but you cant start it with an air combo. That combo really isnt worth the time to do because it does no damage for how hard it is to do.

And yes you can do the japanese infinite setup for War machine because i can do it.

I forgot to post venoms infinite: launch with strong, superjump up and hit jab, short, forward, roundhouse, but you have to time it so the roundhouse only hits the opponent once at their feet. so the series is kinda slow. Then you will fall underneath their character and you can launch again into the same combo.

Strider and hulk dont have infinites but hulk does have 100% combos in the corner

Oh and you cant do unfly combos with WM, because unfly doesnt cancel fast enough to make it comboable


Red Venom has 2 other infinites actually, one of them is character specific though… i might put them in a video so i don’t know if i want to say them yet.

And then Orange Hulk has a couple of infinites, one of them is character specific though. They’re somewhat similar though:

On any character (timing may differ on some):

c. fierce, immediately after super jump do (slowly) sj. jab, sj. short, sj. strong, sj. forward, land, repeat (relaunch etc)

There are actually a lot of infinites in this game. Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned shadow lady’s which is pretty easy:

jump, air dash, j. jab, j. strong, j. fierce, land, repeat

You can just hold up the whole time, dash with 3 punches, and leave out the j. strong on smaller characters. Ok I just realized dasrik posted it, I honestly find it easy with a little practice, its just like WMs because its holding up and doing 3P, jab, strong, fierce, 3P, jab, strong, fierce etc… you can even start it after a c. fierce by super jumping then air dashing into it

Strider infinite is tough timing and not too many ways/chances to set up but here it is:

Activate flying screen, s. short (OTG), s. strong, s. roundhouse, [s. jab, s. strong, s. roundhouse] repeat brackets etc

Chun also has a few other infinites but the only other practical one is:

Activate flying screen, c. short (OTG), s. strong, s. towards+fierce, [s. jab, s. strong, s. towards+fierce] repeat inside of bracket etc… you can easily throw after a cycle and go for an otg into relaunch…

if i think of anything else i guess i’ll post them


Yeah it works off an air combo. Especially easy on jin and venom. Although its much simpler off of a bbx its totally viable off an air combo. Also, to add to this infinite, on jin (maybe others, haven’t tried), you can do:

s. short (OTG), s. forward, s. forward, c. fierce, s. jab, s. strong, down cancel, and switch it up to look all fancy

Strider has an infinite… posted in my last post. Also hulk has an infinite only on megaman (perhaps other light characters like chun, haven’t tried):

In corner, c. fierce, up gamma charge x2, land, repeat. VERY wierd timing especially after first cycle but definately works.

Well, practically in a match yeah, he can’t do unfly combos but in a combo video he can. Try this:

in corner, s. short, s. forward, c. fierce xx fly, fly towards/down a little, [fl. short, fl. forward xx air dash towards/down] brackets x9, 10th time do fl. short, fl. fierce, fly will end, dash short, start from beginning.


I couldnt get the strider, or the hulk infinites to work. I think maybe because i have the playstation version as opposed to the DC version, i cant do some of the combos? Do you think there is a reason. I did get the Chun li one to work though. i can only do like 2 or 3 reps. And i swear that the wolverine combo does not work, and ive never seen it done sooooooo, i dont know what to say.



heres a character specific combo.

take chun-li and just for onslaught you can do:

[jab/short, f. + Fierce]

on the first boss and it wont combo but the stun animation from the f. + Fierce will give you enough time to go back to the jab/short.


There are a whole lot of Onslaught Form 1 “infinites”:

Strider: c.jab, c.strong, c.fwd, c.rh. Repeat
(Orange) Hulk: c.strong, short gamma charge x2. Repeat
Morrigan/Lilith: c.strong, c.fwd, oc.fierce, c.rh. Repeat.
Roll: s.fierce x3. Repeat.
Wolverine: c.jab, c.fwd, c.fierce, c.rh. Repeat


another Chun Li infinite standing jab, crouching short standing medium punch, back fierce punch super jump hold down medium punch, roundhouse, jab, short and then repeat.
This works on everyone except Chun Li.


“ken” and “akuma” also have infinites
just like the msf ones

in corner: [, (for akuma u+mk), lk hurricane kick]

“ken” vs hulk in corner

blah… (otg), [, sj. lp,, sj, mk, hurricane kick,,, hurricane kick]

i think megaman has one
in corner: j.lp,, j.hp
(not sure about this one… i’ve pulled off like 5 or 6 reps)


It works…Trust me.


yes, i know, i was to quick to judge. it took me like a half an hour to figure those infinites out. Im sorry i ever doubted you, your the man, there i said it.

now on to other things…


Thanks again people for the input but i remember hearing from someone that hulk has an infinite in that game or orange hulk.And whats that %100 combo he has?